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Valerie wants a baby

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Will Valerie's chemo treatment hinder her ability to have children?

Valerie is determined to have a baby and continues her search for the perfect sperm donor. However, Ayesha breaks the news that her chemo treatment may have left her unable to have children. How will Valerie take the news?

Meanwhile, Rob and Karen are having a nice lunch at The Icon when JJ and Mrs Tembe walk in. Mrs Tembe is resistant to join Rob and Karen for dinner but JJ walks over to Rob and Karen and the foursome end up having a very awkward meal.

Karen constantly belittles and interrogates JJ about his unemployment, but JJ handles her with ease, which impresses Rob. After lunch, Mrs Tembe and Karen head back to work and Mrs Tembe gives Karen a tongue-lashing for her treatment of JJ. Will she ever forgive Karen?