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Valerie wants Barry to cough up for their wedding

(Image credit: BBC)

Barry's bewildered by the growing extravagance of the wedding and, when the wedding planner shows Barry the quote, he has to tell Valerie he can't afford it. After declaring: 'It's my dying wish' Valerie runs off crying.

Heston's mood darkens when Anthony suggests he should take semi-retirement. And when he then asks if Heston will still want that time off to go to Tuscany, Heston tells Ruhma that they will have to postpone their trip. When she refuses, he offers to make it up to her by having a dinner party but he's gutted when she invites Karen, Rob, Valerie and Barry. 

Sid arrives at his friends' house, married couple Jenny and Finn. He proudly presents a gift to pregnant Jenny of two toy bunnies - one for the boy and one for the girl. Jenny breaks down and Finn tells Sid they lost one of the twins - the boy - but Jenny is still carrying both babies. After chatting with Sid, the couple are able to unite in their grief for their lost son.