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VJ just can't catch a 'break'

VJ in Home and Away

VJ asks Mason what happened when he wakes up in hospital with two broken arms

Ash convinces VJ to have a stag night and it doesn't take long for Mason and Matt to join in on the fun and get VJ drunk. At the end of the evening, VJ climbs up the surf lifesaving buggy and falls to the ground. The next morning, VJ wakes up in hospital with both his arms in casts…

Ellie is distracted with her phone and refuses to admit why. With Raffy missing, does Ellie know where she is?

Brody and Jeannie plan a romantic meal together and it doesn't take long for things to get intimate between the two. The next morning, their hot and steamy night together comes to a grinding halt when Jeannie's dad knocks on the Morgans' front door…