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Was Jonny right to trust Paula?

(Image credit: BBC)

Jonny's already used the venomous relationship between Jac and her dying mum Paula to get his hands on the £20k Jac paid Paula to stay out of her life - and he plans to use it to pay for his legal costs to win custody of their daughter Emma! But, this week, he makes a discovery... Paula's in Holby for surgery and, on reading her hospital notes, Jonny discovers that she had a kidney transplant four years ago - and the donor was Jac!

Confused by Jac's act of generosity for her hated mum, Jonny confronts Paula, who makes a terrible confession... Not only did Paula walk out on Jac when her daughter was 12, but she only got back in touch when she needed Jac's kidney to live. Paula then walked out on Jac for a second time! Will this revelation change Jonny's mind about the custody battle? Or will he still fight Jac for baby Emma?

Meanwhile, despite being on probation, Zosia's determined to move on and show Sacha she can be a top doc. But when she grows suspicious about a patient's past, the case becomes deeply personal. Can Zosia prove she's learnt from her past mistakes?

Also, Dominic's tired of having his face rubbed in Arthur's successes and decides to make some bold moves of his own. However, when he finds himself on AAU for the day, will he be able to hack it on the frontline?