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What is Grant up to with Kathy?

EastEnders Kathy Beale Grant Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Grant Mitchell meets up with Kathy, as he has something important to ask her...

Grant and Kathy are shocked to see each other. The pair sit down together but are soon at odds when Grant tells Kathy he wants his money, pointing out the money that paid off Gavin came from him. Visiting Jane, Grant is stunned to find out that she’s in a wheelchair. When Ian walks in on them talking he’s furious. Refusing to give Grant any money, despite a plea from Jane, Ian sends Grant on his way.

Meanwhile, Sharon talks to Phil about his shock discovery that Michelle’s son Mark is Grant’s son. Despite Phil’s insistence that Mark needs to know the truth about who his real father is, Sharon says that it’s best left alone. Thinking she’s convinced Phil to keep the secret under wraps, Sharon lets the subject drop. Secretly taking Sharon’s phone, Phil calls Mark in America...

Belinda and Grant’s moment of passion is interrupted by Stacey and the family. When Martin tells Grant to get out, Belinda is left upset. Admitting to Stacey she’s never been on her own before, she shares her worries over whether she’s up to running the salon alone. Belinda is delighted when Stacey offers to be a part-time colourist.