Who Are You Calling Fat? - BBC2

Miranda, David, Victoria and Courtney
(Image credit: BBC / Love Prodcutions / Sara Ramsden)

Big, Plus-Size, Obese – Who Are You Calling Fat? takes a group of larger sized people and asks them what they think about their physiques

In Who Are You Calling Fat?, nine plus-size people move in together to share their experiences about being overweight (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Among them is fat-positive activist Victoria, 34. She has what she likes to call a “bigger body”, eats “intuitively” and loves the way she looks.

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But not everyone in the group agrees with her. Babs, 50, has always struggled with her weight, and feels extremely self-conscious about showing even her bare arms.

Courtney, poolside

Courtney considers a dip in the pool

Jack has reversed his Type-2 diabetes through exercise, but admits he struggles with diets, and Del reveals he had surgery in order to shed 10-stone.

The conversations in the house are heart-felt and raise the issues of body image and health at a time when obesity is a national concern.

TV Times rating: ****