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Will a troubled Lee open up to Nancy?

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Nancy tries to talk to Lee about why he was so upset the day before. Playing down the problem, Lee does agree to make an appointment with the doctor, making Nancy promise not to tell Mick and Linda. When Nancy calls Lee to check he's okay, Lee lies he's at the appointment but he's hiding out in the allotments. After finding out Lee has been shopping with Whitney, Nancy confronts him. He confesses he didn't see the doctor but insists he's fine.

Stacey is shell-shocked after finding out she's pregnant, heading to the doctors to register her condition and talk it through. Back home she's confronted by Martin who wants to know how she's doing. Stacey confesses to a stunned Martin that she's pregnant.

Kim is struggling looking after Pearl on her own. When she accidentally runs over one of Les's funeral wreaths, she breaks down in Pam's arms. Wanting to make amends with the Crokers, Vincent invites them for dinner. Paul, however, is keeping a close eye on Les and Claudette, creating a frosty atmosphere. Meanwhile, Denise offers to help Kim with Pearl, prompting Kim to get carried away, telling everyone that Denise is going to be Pearl's nanny!