Will Adele go through with her wedding?

It's certainly been a challenging few months for Holby healthcare assistant Adele Effanga. After a whirlwind romance, she got engaged to anaesthetist Jesse Law – but then disaster struck when she was brutally attacked outside the hospital and left for dead! Now fully recovered, Adele's all set to walk down the aisle, this week, and become Mrs Law. Jesse only wants the best for his bride-to-be, so much so that he’s taken to organising the entire wedding himself! Adele’s big day doesn’t get off to the best start, though, when her wedding planner, Beattie Hislop, collapses with chest pains at the wedding venue and Adele has to take her to Holby!

Adele contacts Beattie’s husband Linden, but when she witnesses the love that exists between Beattie and Linden in the face of some huge obstacles they’ve had to overcome in their 43-year marriage, it makes her doubt her own relationship… Later, though, Adele seems to have pushed any doubts aside as her sister, Holby surgeon Mo Effanga, laces her into her dress. But will Adele be able to go through with the wedding?

Meanwhile, still reeling from the shock that her husband, undercover cop Jed, is having a baby with the wife of a gangster he's secretly watching, Cara gets another shock when Jed stumbles into Holby injured and has to be operated on by Raf and Morven. When he comes round, a groggy Jed is curious about Cara and Raf – but Cara reminds him that he's the married man having a kid with another woman!

When Sean Brady – the man Jed’s keeping tabs on – arrives and wants Jed to leave with him, Cara leaps to Jed’s defence. Caught between them, Jed chooses Sean and discharges himself. Jed tries to make amends and kisses Cara, who goes to fetch his jacket. As he leaves, Jed puts his hand in his pocket… only to discover Cara’s wedding rings. Is their marriage really over?


Victoria Wilson
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