Will Amy leave Erinsborough?

Amy and Kyle both feel guilty after their “moment”, and Amy decides to leave Erinsborough. Paul challenges her to stay and simply avoid Kyle - he wants to keep her and Jimmy close - and when Amy points out she needs work to survive, he offers her the role of his EA.

Josh continues to use his alternative identity to support Amber. Later, he arrives to take her for her 20-week scan, where they learn their baby has a mild case of CDH. Now they have to wait for the rest of the results, which will reveal if the baby has any other complications. Josh assures Amber, whatever the diagnosis is – he’s got her back. Impressed, Amber thanks him for his support.

Sheila suspects that someone is stealing wine from The Waterhole’s stores and when she installs a CCTV camera, she’s stunned to discover Terese has been helping herself to supplies. Elsewhere, Imogen realises her mum has blabbed that she likes Daniel and takes her to task, but Terese is adamant she did Imogen a favour - Daniel likes Imogen, she’s convinced of it.


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