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Will Celine McQueen leave Hollyoaks?


As Celine considers going to work abroad, can her 'perfect boy' Jesse stop her leaving Hollyoaks?

When Celine loses out on a promotion at the hospital, she tells Cleo and Tegan that Porsche has offered her a job on the cruise ship and decides to start her new life on the Caribbean Sea. As she’s packing, Celine finds a pair of styling scissors engraved 'My Perfect Boy' that she bought for Jesse.

Cleo and Tegan show Jesse the scissors and reveal her plan to leave. Meanwhile, she texts Cameron saying she can’t continue to cover for him – has she put herself in danger?

Elsewhere, Courtney has ordered wedding dresses for Leela and the last dress makes her well up. Feeling down about having a baby bump on her wedding day, Leela tells Courtney she wants to postpone the wedding. How will Cameron react?