Will Chrissie be a jilted bride?

*Second episode*

Lawrence is blown away when she sees how stunning Chrissie looks in her wedding dress. However, he’s a little disturbed to hear via Leyla that the groom has gone AWOL. And it doesn’t go unnoticed that Katie has gone missing, too. As attempts are made to find both Robert and Katie, Chrissie arrives at the church to find there’s no sign of the groom…

At Wylie’s Farm, Robert is rattled after realising Katie has caught him kissing Aaron and has the photographic evidence to prove it! Not only that, but Aaron’s betrayed him, too. What will Robert do?

Elsewhere in the village, Pete’s shocked when Finn tells him about Ross staging a break-in at their mum’s house, while Emma quizzes Ross about his visit from the police and discovers the truth. Later, as Finn tries to change Pete’s opinion of Emma, Ross snaps and demands to know why Pete has it in for their mum. Will Pete finally reveal the secrets of their past?