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Will Irene and Greg's date go to plan?

Irene gets a call from James Fraser, who asks her to come to England to look after Olivia. In the evening, Greg, Irene, Marilyn and John all sit down to dinner, but after a series of awkward moments, it's clear Greg is not the man for Irene.

Hannah is helping Kat get ready to go home, when Nate arrives with Ricky. Kat suggests they have a night in, but Nate has promised Ricky he'll go to the hospital. Later, Kat vents to Hannah, who secretly lets slip that Nate and Ricky were once a couple.

Ricky is distraught over Kyle's condition and Nate comforts her, unaware he's missed a text from Kat. Later, Nate tells Kat she needs to trust him more. The next day, Ricky and Nate discuss their relationship - Nate's unaware he has several missed calls from Kat and Ricky watches Nate share a moment with Casey.

Josh is furious after being expelled from school, but with a little pep talk from Andy, he's determined to put things right.