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Will Kyle ever sing again?

Brax and Ash are away trying to get a confession out of Dean, and Kyle is at home feeling useless so Phoebe suggests they perform some music together. They begin singing and Kyle voice is raspy and his throat is sore. Nate tells Kyle he has developed granuloma on his vocal chords meaning he may never be able to sing again. When he shares the news with Phoebe she says she won’t sing again until he can. Meanwhile, a mysterious man turns up at The Diner claiming to be a huge fan of Phoebe and starts spying on her.

Denny blames Andy for Hannah's injuries and struggles to accept that he will be moving in to help her. Phoebe tells Kyle he will have to prove Denny wrong by sticking by Hannah and also tells Denny she must get over her animosity towards Andy for Hannah. Denny makes amends by sharing a pizza with Hannah, Oscar and Andy, but tells them she's needs a break away.