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Will Morven leave Holby? A face from the past visits at Christmas...

morven holby
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A face from the past forces the medic to consider her future…

It's Christmas at Holby and medic Morven Digby gets a blast from the past, which leaves her wondering whether her future lies away from the hospital.

It's Christmas Eve and an overworked and sleep-deprived Morven is stunned when help comes in the shape of old flame, Cameron Dunn (Nic Jackman). The pair had a brief fling a while back, though Morven's one true love will always be her late husband Arthur, who died of cancer last year.

As Cameron and Morven team up to treat drunk elf, Ken, Cameron tells her that he won’t be at Holby for long – next year he's starting a work placement in Jamaica. Morven's visibly saddened to hear this but she's clearly feeling awkward having Cameron around, so she tries to hide out in a storeroom, where she inadvertently inhales laughing gas, blacks out and starts hallucinating about the past!

Following the deaths of Arthur and best friend Jasmine and the departure of some much-loved colleagues in recent months, Morven's vivid thoughts lead her to question her ties to the hospital and whether it might be time to leave Holby…

Will Morven find the courage to say farewell to the place she shared so many happy memories with Arthur? And does she have a future with Cameron?

Meanwhile, Jac finally has to decide whether being a mother means she must give up her Holby family. But when loyal friend Fletch struggles with the hospital’s mounting winter crisis, Jac can’t help but get involved. Will she always be a surgeon to the core?

Also, Essie helps Gaskell diagnose an intriguing and unusual patient. When Gaskell invites her to assist him in surgery, Essie’s surprised to find herself bonding with the enigmatic new Professor.