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Zak Dingle’s left waiting on his wedding day in Emmerdale!

Sam Dingle, Zak Dingle
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Will Joanie leave Zak Dingle on their wedding day or will they tie the knot?

*Hour-long episode*

It’s his wedding day and Zak has got the hangover from Hell! Joanie’s having a nightmare, too. With Zak having drunkenly called her ‘Lisa, his ex-wife’s name, the night before, she’s worried about his feelings for her. When Zak tells Joanie he loves her, she’s unconvinced. Needing to confront the situation, Joanie vanishes in her wedding dress only to reappear at Lisa’s house needing to talk.

Lisa’s floored when her ex-husband’s wife-to-be tells her she thinks Zak is still in love with her and offers to walk out of their lives for good. Despite her jitters, Joanie ends up turning up at the church. Outside, devastated Lisa listens in as Joanie and Zak share their wedding vows.

Having framed Andy for attempted murder to save the real culprit, her son Lachlan, Chrissie’s not happy when Lachlan visits Andy in prison and nearly gives the game away! Though Lachlan manages to salvage the situation, he’s said enough to make Andy suspicious.

With his divorce finalised, David proposes to Tracy again. Rakesh manages to convince Rishi to put him in sole control of the finances at the factory.