Zara Carmichael has trouble making friends

Zara Carmichael in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Zara Carmichael's defensive when Emma asks about the other parents at Joe's school...

Zara moans when she gets a call from one of the mothers at Joe’s school inviting her out for a ‘getting-to-know-you’ session. Emma overhears and thinks Zara’s criticism is a little harsh. Emma sees Zara in the staff room and tries to ask her about the other parents at Joe’s school, but the two women end up bickering. However, as the staff all head home for the day, Emma offers advice about befriending people at the school, so that Zara can get the inside track on all the gossip. Zara quite likes the idea of this, and Emma makes a joke that leaves Zara thinking.

Shak tells Alia that he didn’t get any information out of Heston about their dad last night and suggests they search on the internet. But all the websites they try require payment, so it seems an impossible task. Just when Shak seems to have given up, Alia comes back with a new approach. They try again, and eventually find the name they’ve been looking for. The man’s profile appears on the computer screen, and they both stare at it in amazement.

Ruhma’s interest in a patient’s relationship makes her slow to pick up that the patient is suffering from an acute phobia of child birth.

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