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Ziggy's world is turned upside down

Ziggy's ex-boyfriend wants her back

Ziggy is furious to see her ex, Jared, in town. Ziggy wants to know why he's in Summer Bay, but before she can get an answer the pair are forced to hide as Ben returns home. Later, Brody sees Jared around the Bay and recognises his face. He overhears Jared tell John that he's in the Bay to win his girlfriend back and Brody realises that he's Ziggy’s ex. Brody goes off to tell Ziggy that Jared is in town, but is left dismayed when he realises she knew…

As Raffy continues to have nightmares, her brothers are becoming more and more concerned about her well-being. Raffy tells her brothers she's fine, but they don't believe her. After being pressed by her brothers, Raffy tells Justin and Mason she saw a dead body; however, Raffy is furious when the pair don't believe her. Determined to prove her point, Raffy takes Justin and Mason to the spot where she found the body, and her brothers are left speechless.

Also, Justin and Mason call the police and Kat arrives and recognises that the body belongs to Novak. Kat is left shaken and McCarthy tells her she won't be involved in the case, but Kat sets off to ask Robbo if he murdered Novak. Will he finally come clean?