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John and Jessica as sports presenters Jack and Nicky
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In Zone of Champions, sport and home-video mash-ups are given a comic once-over by John Thomson and Jessica Knappett

Clip shows and home-video compilations have been around for decades, but new series Zone of Champions adds a slice of satire to put a fresh spin on the genre.

Hosts Jack Bullman and Nicky Brimble (John Thomson and Jessica Knappett) carry the show as two sports presenters purportedly rounding up the action from a host of ludicrous events – owl rhythmic gymnastics anyone? – but which viral video star will be crowned champion?

John Thomson told TV Times more about the format: "It’s comedy clips with sports punditry, so presented like a legitimate sports show.

"It brings you all the sports that might not look like sports, but definitely are sports."

John Thomson and Jessica Knappett in character

Sport, just not the way you're used to it

And he filled us in on the two presenters: "He’s an old-school sports presenter trying to get with the times.

"He’s trying to follow the politically correct and modern approach to things, but he’s struggling a bit.

"Nicky constantly keeps him in check in case he drops a faux pas."

Yes, the premise may sound strange, yet John and Jessica’s comedy nous keeps things moving, making this a series the whole family will enjoy.

TV Times rating: ****

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