Zosia collapses after a cocktail of booze and pills!

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It's the end of term for Keller ward's young doctors, Zosia, Dominic and Arthur and Zosia's determined to let her hair down, especially following her recent break-up with Jesse. Before they can celebrate, the trio must treat patient Noah, who's training to become an astronaut. But Noah's mother doesn't want to tell him she's dying of cancer, fearing he'll be distracted from his studies.

Not wanting Noah to miss out on precious time with his mother like she did, Zosia wants to tell him the truth. Arthur can't believe Zosia's making this family's situation about her and abruptly tells her the reason Jesse left her is because she only ever thinks about herself! Hurt, Zosia heads off to drown her sorrows with Dominic, but takes prescription drugs on top of all the alcohol... and ends up unconscious! Can Arthur save her?

With Elliot recovering from brain surgery, Holby boss Guy wants Jac to lead the launch of Elliot's artificial heart invention, the Herzig. Jac rejects Guy's offer of a promotion at Elliot's expense then discovers he's drafted in her former colleague, Connie Beauchamp, to help with a complex lung procedure. When Connie hears that Jac's baby daughter Emma is now living with her father Jonny, it makes her wonder what other sacrifices Jac will make to succeed professionally. Is Jac about betray Elliot to further her own career?

Also, Raf gets a surprise when his younger brother, Giuseppe, turns up on AAU with busted ribs and plenty of charm. As Giuseppe talks about the importance of family, will Raf take the steps he needs to try and get his marriage to Amy back on track?


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