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Zosia gets a shock diagnosis

(Image credit: BBC)

It's the day Guy has to pick up Zosia from her enforced holiday at the private clinic where she's spent the last two weeks. As Guy and Zosia leave the facility, it's revealed that Zosia is suffering from bipolar disorder and her psychiatrist recommends talking therapy and a course of Lithium tablets.

Guy tries to convince Zosia to go home, but reluctantly agrees to her desire to get back to work. Guy is optimistic when Zosia, in a moment of lucidity, convinces a patient to have an operation. But when Zosia becomes frenzied, heightened and disruptive in theatre, Guy has to throw her out.

When Guy's forced to accept his daughter is seriously unwell, he tells Zosia that he'll allow her to come back to work on one condition: that she takes the Lithium. Will Zosia accept she's mentally ill and agree to take her meds?

Meanwhile, there's disappointment for Elliot this week when one of his patients, who was a candidate for the Herzig, tragically dies, meaning a huge setback in terms funding for his new device.

Elliot's passion for his invention touches a normally frosty Jac and she strikes a deal with CEO Guy - she'll put her own money into the project, but Guy must never let on to Elliot that she's the mystery benefactor!

Also, Raf proves to be a good friend to Serena at a time of need.