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Zosia's pregnant!

Zosia pregnancy test Holby

Reeling from shock, the medic decides not to tell boyfriend Ollie about the baby…

After a team night out at Albie's bar, Ollie turns up for his shift at Holby feeling more than a little worse for wear and Zosia’s clearly unimpressed. Aside from being annoyed with Ollie, Zosia's confused when she starts to feel a bit queasy herself as she didn't really drink that much the night before. Suspecting she could be pregnant, Zosia takes a test and is stunned when it reveals a positive result.

When Zosia tries to tell Ollie about the baby, he thinks she just wants to harass him further about the night before, so he dismisses her. Then, when Zosia feels faint on the ward, an already stubborn Ollie decides she shouldn’t be in theatre when they operate on bolshy heart patient, Lauren.

Later, Ollie and Zosia decide to put their fight behind them. That's when Ollie asks Zosia if there was something she needed to tell him – but she decides to keep her pregnancy news to herself. Is Zosia ready for motherhood?

Meanwhile, after a night of heavy drinking, Dominic's shocked when a patient accuses Isaac of supplying drugs and abandoning him in the ED.  Dom pieces together the events of the night before – but how far will he go to keep Isaac’s name in the clear?

Also, Fletch gets a shock when he uncovers the real identity of Nathan, the man Morven’s been messaging. Will Morven find out the truth?