'Casualty' star Amanda Henderson on Robyn Miller’s baby fears and filming freezing sea scenes!

Casualty nurse Robyn Miller deep in thought at the beach.
'Casualty' nurse Robyn Miller contemplates her future. (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty focuses on Robyn Miller this Saturday, as she makes a decision about her future. 

Amanda Henderson is first-rate as the conflicted ED nurse in Casualty episode ‘The Choice’ (BBC1, 9.30pm, Saturday 12 February 2022 - see our TV Guide for listings).

It opens with Robyn, daughter Charlotte (Aurora Jones), and junior doctor Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) on a beautiful beach at sunrise shortly before a hectic shift at Holby Hospital.

As well as highlighting Robyn’s compassionate nursing style, this special episode delves into her loving relationship with Charlotte and reveals the medic’s private financial struggles, as she attempts to come to a decision about her unexpected pregnancy.

Lovely Amanda Henderson, 35, who plays Robyn Miller, took a break from filming to give us the inside story on this touching episode…

'Casualty' interview: Hi Amanda, what have you been filming today?

Amanda Henderson: "I’ve had my hands in somebody’s chest, so it’s been a bit crazy! I’m very squeamish. It sounds really weird but I have to smell that the blood is fake. Fake blood has a really sweet, sickly smell. If I can smell that my head tells me it’s not real!"

We look forward to seeing that! When ‘The Choice’ opens we see Robyn in a very different setting. What’s going on?

AH: "Paige is into open water swimming and has taken her to the beach. Paige describes it as a moment to let all your thoughts go, breathe in the sea air and hopefully you’ll come to a decision."

Robyn and Paige in 'Casualty.'

Robyn's not convinced Paige's approach will help matters. (Image credit: BBC)

Can you tell us what was going through Robyn’s head when she initially discovered she was pregnant?

AH: "It came as a complete shock. It’s been four years since her husband Glen died and she’s still not over that. At the same time, she’s ready to get out there and start dating again. She’s gone on a couple of dates with a guy who we never meet and then all this suddenly happens. It was the last thing she was expecting."

We see Robyn agonising about the future. What can you reveal? 

AH: "Robyn’s a character that tells people how she’s feeling and wears her heart on her sleeve. But with this, she definitely feels like she’s on her own. She can ask for advice, but whether or not she keeps the baby is her decision and she has to make it by herself. She’s the one who has to live with it. She doesn’t take it lightly."

Does the beach outing help her?

AH: "I think Robyn thinks ‘This is ridiculous. She woke me up at six o’clock in the morning to go to a freezing cold beach!’ But she goes along with it because she trusts Paige and likes her energy."

Things don’t go to plan. Charlotte runs off and Robyn ends up falling into the sea…

AH: "Yes! But it solidifies that irreplaceable bond between mother and daughter. So it does help her quite a lot."

Robyn cuddles Charlotte after her scare.

Closer than ever. Robyn cuddles Charlotte after her scare. (Image credit: BBC)

How was it filming those water scenes?

AH: "I open water swim - I say ‘swimming’ I mean ‘dip!’ - every day at sunrise with an incredible group. So when I was told what was in the script I was buzzing! I swim in a swimming costume in the sea, but for filming I did have a wetsuit underneath my clothes because of health and safety. I loved every single moment, especially the scenes with Aurora Jones, who plays Charlotte. We had the best time walking along the beach and singing songs! She’s brilliant."

Will viewers get new insight into Robyn’s life, financial struggles and fears for the future in this episode?

AH: "Yes, we see more of Robyn’s home life. She doesn't have a family around her, other than her work family. If anything happened to her she would be leaving a child - or two children - behind. I think it's really important to highlight the fact that there are parents out there that struggle because they’re completely on their own."

Charlie Fairhead makes a generous offer and invites her to move in with him. But is it practical?

AH: "Charlie [Derek Thompson] and Robyn have been there through thick and thin. He and Duffy helped her so much with Charlotte. But it’s a lot to put on one person. I really hope that Derek doesn’t mind me saying this! - but Charlie is getting on. He’s not at an age where he can run around after a child and a baby, plus work.  His grand gesture makes her realise that he’s there for her. And it really does sway her that maybe this could work. But it’s still her body and her decision."

Robyn confides in Charlie about her pregnancy in 'Casualty.'

Will Robyn have her head turned by Charlie's kind offer? (Image credit: BBC)

We love Robyn and Charlie’s friendship. Robyn and Paige’s budding friendship is very lovely too…

AH: "I think Paige is someone Robyn has needed in her life for a long time. Paige and Robyn are very different - even down to the lunches they have. Robyn will happily have yesterday's leftovers to save money and Paige comes in with her fancy sushi! But Paige sees the good in Robyn and Robyn sees the good in Paige. I think a friendship that will last a lifetime is forming."

Is it fun working with Shalisha?

AH: "She’s a dream! We’re both as silly as each other, singing songs all day long. She's another version of me, which I'm sure most of the cast don’t enjoy because we’re very annoying!"

Does this mean you've got a new on-set singing partner?

AH : [Laughing] "I’ve got two now because Elinor [Lawless], who plays Stevie Nash is another one.  When the three of us are together you can see George Rainsford’s eyes roll into the back of his head going ‘Oh my goodness, this day is going to be horrendous!’"

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) looking stressed in Casualty

No George Rainsfords are harmed in the making of 'Casualty.' (Image credit: BBC)

What will Robyn decide? Find out when Casualty episode ‘The Choice’ airs on BBC1, 9.30pm, Saturday 12 February 2022. 

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