Hilary Duff on why How I Met Your Father is about a ‘little pack of weirdos!’

Hilary Duff as romantic Sophie in How I Met Your Father.
Hilary Duff as romantic Sophie in How I Met Your Father. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

Hilary Duff treads a whirlwind path to true love as photographer Sophie in new Disney Plus comedy How I Met Your Father.

Available from Wednesday, May 11 2022 the 10-part spinoff series follows the footsteps of the long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and charts the adventures of Sophie and her friends as they negotiate the New York dating scene.

Living in 2022’s digital app age, she has to kiss a lot of frogs — AKA embarks on a neverending merry-go-round of disappointing dates — before finding her soulmate. 

The opening episode sees older Sophie in 2050 — played by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall — telling her son about how she fell in love with his father. And while the premise is the same as HIMYM, which ran from 2005 until 2014, this new outing introduces a whole new cast of characters (see below for more) and dilemmas.

There are also some pleasing fan nods to the original with guest appearances from HIMYF stars Cobie Smulder, Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Bell Bundy.

Here, Lizzie McGuire star Hilary tells us more…

Hilary Duff as Sophie, taking photos in New York.

Sophie's world. Hilary Duff puts us in the picture. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

Hi Hilary, why did this show appeal to you?

Hilary Duff: "This project was really attractive to me because the part of Sophie was very relatable. The script’s great and the writing witty. 

"I love that the show’s funny and real. I love that we get some tug-on-the-heartstring moments. I also love that New York City is a big part of the show. It helps it move along quickly."

What makes Sophie a special character?

HD: "She doesn’t give up. She’s struggling but she has this lovely friend-circle that comes together in a very strange way! 

"I think she’s navigating life in a really relatable way. I feel extremely lucky to have got the opportunity to play her."

Where do we find Sophie at the start of the series?

HD: "Sophie isn’t quite where she thought she would be in her life; she’s flailing a little. 

"I can’t tell you how many friends I have that are in the same space as Sophie, which is why it’s really fun for me to play her – especially as I’m in a completely different space in my life now."

The main cast of How I Met Your Father in posted publicity shot.

More than friends? Six New Yorkers chase love and friendship in HIMYF. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

How would you describe her friendship group?

HD: "It’s like they run off into the sunset together! They have all of these incredible experiences that young people have when they are trying to find their footing in life. 

"Everyone around Sophie helps to boost her up, not that she’s down-and-out by any means. It’s really fun to watch."

Was it as fun behind the scenes, too?

HD: "Yes! When the cast met, it all just fell into place. We just hope that magic comes across when people watch the show."

Sophie doesn’t know it, but in the first episode, she meets her true love. Can you give us any teasers on how that plays out?

HD: "There’s obviously a little bit of hype about who Sophie’s going to end up with in the story! It’s like, ‘Is she going to date this person? Oh, she’s going to date that person!’ 

"I hope people take away the idea that they are not alone. It’s brutal out there [in the dating world], but I think it’s important to try and lean into the support system of your friends. 

"The odds are against Sophie, but she leans into this little pack of weirdos that she calls her friends!"

Kim Cattrall smiling as Sophie in 2050.

Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall as Sophie in 2050. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

Who’s who in How I Met Your Father

Sophie in 2022 (Hilary Duff)

The aspiring photographer’s life changes when she meets a new group of friends after accidentally mixing up her phone with someone else’s. Will one of her mates be ‘The One’?

Sophie in 2050 (Kim Cattrall)

An older and wiser Sophie tells her son how she fell in love with his father following a string of whirlwind romances and many, many disastrous dates. 

Valentina (Francia Raisa)

The impulsive stylist, who is Sophie’s best friend and roommate, brings home a new boyfriend after a stint at London Fashion Week!

HIMYF stars Tien Tran, Hilary Duff and Francia Raisa.

HIMYF stars Tien Tran, Hilary Duff and Francia Raisa. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

Charlie (Tom Ainsley)

The British aristocrat and aspiring model follows his heart to New York after meeting Valentina in London, but will his decision lead to his family disinheriting him?

Jesse (Chris Lowell)

After a failed marriage proposal went viral, the music teacher has sworn off romance but will a chance meeting with Sophie make his heart sing again?

Sid (Suraj Sharma)

Jesse’s lovable roommate is in a long-distance relationship with surgeon Hannah (Ashley Reyes), but will the bar owner have his head turned by someone else?

Ellen (Tien Tran)

After separating from her wife, Jesse’s adoptive sister relocates to New York looking for love, friendship and a fresh start. 

HIMYF stars group shot.

Cheers! A second series has been announced. (Image credit: © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

From Mother to Father

How I Met Your Father is a spin-off series from the award-winning US sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which ran from 2005 to 2014. 

It followed the fortunes of lovelorn Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor), who recounts to his two children how he met their mum. 

Ted’s best friends included loved-up couple Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan) and serial womanizer Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris). All nine series are available to stream now on Disney+. 

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