'I'm a Celebrity' quiz: how well do you know the show?

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I'm A Celebrity quiz questions for every fan. (Image credit: ITV)

I'm a Celebrity 2021 is back for its 21st series, and we're just as gripped now as we were when the first set of celebrities made their way into the jungle way back in 2002.

Over the last two decades, the camp has seen hundreds of celebrities taking part in terrifying Bushtucker trials, played host to bust-ups over the camp chores and so many more iconic moments. 

If you're looking for a way to occupy your time whilst you wait for the show to return this weekend, why not take our I'm a Celebrity quiz to find out how much you really know about the hit ITV show?

Here's our 'I'm A Celebrity' Quiz...

1. Who won the first series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here?

  • Phil Tufnell
  • Tony Blackburn
  • Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

2. Who was the original Dingo Dollar Man?

  • Aussie Anthony
  • Dingo Dan
  • Kiosk Keith

3. What fruit did Ian Lee and Amir Khan lie to the camp about secretly eating in the 2017 series?

  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Raspberries

4. What is the name of the castle in Wales where I'm a Celebrity is now filmed?

  • Dinefwr Castle
  • Gwrych Castle
  • Conwy Castle

5. In series 11, which celebrity got a cockroach stuck up their nose?

  • Pat Sharp
  • Fatima Whitbread
  • Paul Burrell

6. Which Australian town usually plays host to the jungle camp?

  • Maroochydore
  • Noosa
  • Murwillumbah

7. Who famously admitted to their campmates that they couldn't tell the time?

  • Joey Essex
  • Gemma Collins
  • Dennis Wise

Gemma Collins

Can Gemma Collins not tell the time? (Image credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty)

8. Who was bitten by a snake during a Bushtucker Trial?

  • Kayla Collins
  • Joe Swash
  • Shaun Ryder

9. In which year did the celebrities first parachute into the jungle?

  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2006

10. Who quit the jungle after just one day?

  • Camilla Dallerup
  • Freddie Starr
  • Elaine Lordan

11. Which celebrity had a blazing row with Janet Street-Porter over his penchant for breaking wind?

  • Peter Andre
  • Joe Pasquale
  • Brian Harvey

12. Which contestant fainted after finding out they had been nominated for a seventh Bushtucker Trial, prompting their campmates to say they were faking it?

  • Paul Burrell
  • Gillian McKeith
  • Nell McAndrew

13. Who was forced to eat a huge spider for dessert after polishing off a witchetty grub, a lamb's brain and a bull's penis?

  • Ferne McCann
  • Georgia Toffolo
  • Uri Geller

14. Who is the only celebrity to have competed in two series of I'm a Celebrity?

  • Scarlett Moffatt
  • Katie Price
  • Joe Swash

Joe Swash

Did Joe Swash take part in two seasons of 'I'm A Celebrity'? (Image credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty)

15. Over 20 series, how many celebrities have quit or withdrawn from the show?

  • 18
  • 22
  • 31

16. Kerry McFadden was crowned Queen of the Jungle in series 3, but who was the runner-up?

  • Neil Ruddock
  • Peter Andrew
  • Jennie Bond

17. How many contestants have competed in the show so far?

  • 230
  • 260
  • 290

18. Who started a fire on the borders of the camp to stage a protest over the lack of food, saying he was 'bored' and wanted some chocolate?

  • Brian Harvey
  • John Lydon
  • George Hamilton

19. Which celebrity was forced to quit after medics found they were malnourished and suffering from exhaustion?

  • Brian Conley
  • Nigel Havers
  • Nadine Dorries

20. Who refused to fly into the jungle in a helicopter on the first day, then diagnosed themselves with malaria?

  • Spencer Matthews
  • Gemma Collins
  • Brian Harvey

21. Which celebrity revolted against the show saying "I'd like to speak to my agent" after an argument about sausages?

  • Wayne Bridge 
  • Joey Essex
  • Antony Worrall-Thompson

22. Who threw a stone at a sleeping Dom Joly to get his attention and accidentally hit him in the eye?

  • Stacey Solomon
  • Wayne Bridge
  • Helen Flanagan

23. Which campmate slipped and fell into the water whilst limbering up BEFORE a Bushtucker Trial?

  • Limahl
  • Steve Davis
  • Harry Redknapp

24. Who dressed up as a crab for the Dingo Dollar Challenge?

  • Dean Gaffney
  • Joel Dommett
  • Wayne Bridge

Joel Dommett

Did Joel Dommett wear a crustacean costume for his Dingo Dollar Challenge? (Image credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

25. In last year's series why did Jordan North vomit in front of the other contestants before he got into the camp?

  • He was asked to abseil down a cliff
  • He was about to face a bungee jump
  • He was getting ready to parachute into camp

26. Which contestant mentioned their MBE the moment they met their fellow I'm a Celebrity campmates?

  • Holly Arnold
  • Harry Redknapp
  • Ruthie Henshall

27. In 2008, who repeatedly locked horns with former pop star, David Van Day?

  • Brian Harvey
  • Nicola McLean
  • Janice Dickinson

28. What dessert did Harry Redknapp crave during his time in the camp?

  • Spotted dick
  • Jam roly-poly
  • Bread and butter pudding

29. Name the song that Peter Andre composed and sang in I'm a Celebrity series 3?

  • Insomnia
  • Insurmountable
  • Insania

30. How many pairs of underpants is each celebrity allowed to bring into camp?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

'I'm a Celebrity' quiz answers

  • 1: Tony Blackburn
  • 2: Kiosk Keith
  • 3: Strawberries
  • 4: Gwrych Castle
  • 5: Fatima Whitbread
  • 6: Murwillumbah
  • 7: Joey Essex
  • 8: Shaun Ryder
  • 9: 2004
  • 10: Elaine Lordan
  • 11: Brian Harvey
  • 12: Gillian McKeith
  • 13: Ferne McCann
  • 14: Katie Price
  • 15: 18
  • 16: Jennie Bond
  • 17: 230
  • 18: John Lydon
  • 19: Brian Conley
  • 20: Gemma Collins
  • 21: Antony Worrall-Thompson
  • 22: Stacey Solomon
  • 23: Steve Davis
  • 24: Joel Dommett
  • 25: He was asked to abseil down a cliff
  • 26: Holly Arnold
  • 27: Nicola McLean
  • 28: Jam roly-poly
  • 29: Insania
  • 30: Three

How did you do?

1-6 correct answers: Get out of here!

You don't know your Outback Shack from Ye Olde Shoppe. Boom it's beans and rice for dinner for you. Prepare to be kicked out of camp, pronto!

7-14 correct answers: A mumble in the jungle

You won't be the first across the drawbridge, but you're not the smartest in the castle, either! Luckily, there's still time to brush up your knowledge before the new series starts.

15-20 correct answers: King or Queen of the Castle

Excellent work, you definitely deserve your crown! Having joined the ranks of Harry Redknapp and Giovanna Fletcher, you can now sit back on your throne and prepare to be entertained by the Castle's newest recruits.

Natasha Holt

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