Is Denny sick in Virgin River?

Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins, Kai Bradbury as Denny
Is Denny sick in Virgin River? Read below to find out! (Image credit: Netflix)

Virgin River season 4 saw the unexpected arrival of mysterious newcomer Denny (Kai Bradbury).

Denny shows up at Doc Mullins (Tom Matheson) house claiming to be his long-lost grandson. Doc is stunned by the revelation and is initially worried to tell his wife Hope (Annette O’Toole) about the discovery, but in a pleasant turn of events, she welcomes Denny into their home with open arms.

However, as the season progresses, sweet Denny arouses suspicion from the Virgin River residents as his strange behavior leaves fans wondering if he really is who he says he is and if there’s something wrong with Denny.

And we soon found out the reason behind his shady actions…

Is Denny sick in Virgin River?

Sadly yes, Denny is ill with a fatal brain condition called Huntington’s Disease. How will the residents of Virgin River react in season 5? Will they step up and support him in any way they can?

Here's Denny's story in Virgin River season 4... as Denny becomes acquainted with the Virgin River lifestyle, he finds himself falling for local resident Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) who was eager to make him feel welcome in the sleepy town.

But, despite his charming exterior, Denny finds himself in a number of slippery circumstances when Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) catches Denny stealing medicine from the clinic’s controlled substance cabinet and photographing his medical files.

He’s then spotted rifling through the clinic’s financial documents and transferring a large sum of money.

The distrust from his new friends and family is further cemented when Lizzie finds prescription medicine in Denny’s drawer in someone else’s name.

Besotted Lizzie is eager to take their relationship to the next level, but he is hesitant to, which leads Lizzie to think that he’s not interested and potentially hiding something.

Kai Bradbury as Denny Cutler, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie

Denny was hiding a secret from Lizzie. (Image credit: Netflix)

However, Denny soon reveals the reasons why he did these shocking actions. 

As for the large money transfer, Denny explains that he used the documents to pay off Doc’s clinic mortgage from his late father’s insurance payout.

The stash of medicine has a more tragic story though, as he reveals that he needed the drugs because he has Huntington’s disease and it’s terminal.

This explains his reluctance in wanting to solidify his love for Lizzie, terrified that their relationship will meet a tragic and sad end.

Virgin River season 4 is available to stream on Netflix now. Also, check out our Who is the father of Charmaine's twins in Virgin River? article.

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