Mayans M.C. season 5 episode 4 recap: EZ takes a desperate gamble

Caitlin Stasey and JD Pardon in Mayans M.C.
Caitlin Stasey and JD Pardon in Mayans M.C. (Image credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

NOTE: this post contains spoilers for Mayans M.C. season 5 episode 4, "I See the Black Light."

EZ (JD Pardo) is ready to do whatever it takes to get more fentanyl for Cole (Branton Box), as "I See The Black Light" opens with EZ, Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Obispo (Michael Irby) and Loza (Frankie Loyal) make a deal with a Chinese trafficker for the chemicals Elio (Luis Fernandez-Gil) needs to cook. 

At first he doesn't want to deal with EZ, saying the low quantity isn't worth the risk. EZ offers most of the Russian weapons the club stole in exchange for a double amount of the chemicals. They strike a bargain. Now Elio can start cooking enough fentanyl to make the Mayans a heavy enough hitter for a real chance at taking control of the pipeline. 

Elio and Bottles (Alex Baroe) are becoming friends. Before starting the day's cook they do some Tai Chi together. In a cooking montage it’s clear how Elio uses the controlled flowing motions and breathing of Tai Chi as he cooks. With Bottles' help, they cook a lot of fentanyl. 

While the stuff cooks they take a break. Bottles tells Lobo (Daniel Moncada) to keep an eye on the shed. Lobo lumbers into the shed and ends up testing the fentanyl. He overdoses. When Bottles and Elio return they find Lobo convulsing on the ground. Sofia (Andrea Cortes) arrives and tries to save Lobo’s life but can't. 

She yells for someone to call 911, but no one does. With EZ, Angel, Obispo and Loza standing there, Lobo dies. That sends Sofia into a tailspin, remembering how she tried to save her daughter but couldn't. 

After Lobo's death, Loza pulls EZ, Angel and Obispo tells them Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) said there's a rat in the club, but he didn’t name the rat. EZ is worried the others will find out it's him. To distract the others, EZ tells them the cartel is the real threat and that everyone will die if they don't make good on their deal with Cole. Obispo tells EZ he needs to get the cooking operation off the club grounds immediately. EZ has an idea of where he can move the operation.

Frankie Loyal and Michael Irby in Mayans M.C.

Frankie Loyal and Michael Irby in Mayans M.C. (Image credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

In Mexico, Soledad (Selene Luna) and Miguel (Danny Pino) find the remains of their cooking site, all the men dead by the Mayans to steal Elio and the cooking supplies. Soledad chews Miguel out for killing one of Villar-Fuentes’ men minutes after they made a deal. She thinks he's responsible for the slaughter. She tells Miguel it's her turn to deal with Villar-Fuentes. Miguel questions a little boy in the house to find out who killed the men and the boy describes the Mayans.

EZ goes alone to see Johnny Panic (Caitlin Stasey), the leader of the Broken Saints. He convinces her that an alliance is in both their interests. Their partnership can get money and guns for the Broken Saints and provide protection for them. It also gives EZ a place to set up a cooking operation where no one will look. But the Broken Saints are still under the radar of the cartel.

Katie (Stella Maeve) is still trying to discover who the informant within the Mayans is so she can help Creeper stay safe. She goes to see the wife of agent Kevin Jimenz (Maurice Compte) to see if he left behind anything that can help her. His wife doesn't know for sure he's dead, so when Katie asks for her help she lets Katie in to go through Kevin's things. Katies listens to a bunch of audio tapes that Kevin had documenting different conversations while he was undercover in the Mayans. In one of the tapes he calls EZ out by name in a conversation and Katie releases EZ is the informant.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) is ready to try her escape plan. Miguel is suspicious when she says she is taking Cristobel to the park and the store again. He lets her go, but insists the nanny and bodyguard go too. Entering the store she sees EZ has left a car where she asked. Emily manages to get clear of the bodyguard and nanny for a few seconds. She is heading for the exit when a shopper in the store starts yelling at her calling her a murderer. The other shoppers are all staring at her and the bodyguard quickly ushers her and Cristobel back to their car.

In a convoy, the Mayans deliver a truck full of the cooking supplies and Elio to the Broken Saints' ranch to set up a new cook site. Bottles doesn’t come with them, which Elio is upset about.

When Adelita (Carla Baratta) is making her usual drop off to her contact, the woman says Soledad has another job for her. She sends Adelita to assassinate Villar-Fuentes in his home. Villar-Fuentes is playing hide and seek with his granddaughter in his wine cellar when Adelita appears behind him and cuts his throat. Only after the old man is dead in a pool of blood does she see the little girl. She is horrified that the girl witnessed such a gruesome death.

Under the cover of darkness, the Mayans bury Lobo. No one really has anything nice to say about him. It's not his loss that is weighing heavy on them, it's the loss of another brother. EZ's leadership is tenuous. Everyone is feeling the weight of the consequences of his choices. This gamble to beat the cartel has to work or EZ and all the Mayans are going to lose everything.

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