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Meet the Industry season 2 cast: who's who in the banking drama

Industry season 2 cast - will Yasmin and Harper patch up their differences in Industry series 2?
Industry season 2 cast: the stars of the popular banking drama. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

The Industry season 2 cast is full of familiar faces from the first instalment, and they're back for even more drama set against a backdrop of the world of high finance!

As well as the return of some fan favorites, some new faces joined the cast for Industry season 2 who will no doubt put pressure on the Pierpoint & Co. employees throughout the coming episodes. 

In this guide, we will explore some of the major Industry characters and where you might've seen them before, so here's everything you need to know about the cast of the HBO Max drama...

Myha’la Herrold as Harper Stern

Harper Stern

Harper Stern has certainly proven she'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants... (Image credit: HBO Max)

Industry fans will be all too familiar with Myha’la Herrold, who plays Harper Stern, an underrated yet super intelligent and hyper-talented young woman from New York.

In the series, she's assigned to the Cross Product Sales (CPS) desk at Pierpoint and as she's surrounded by people born into privilege, she's made it very clear she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it results in making some enemies.

At the end of season one, we saw Harper choose to bring back her toxic boss Eric Tao, and people really weren't happy with this decision so it will be interesting to see where she ends up in season 2.

Myha’la has also starred in an episode of Modern Love as well as the new A24 movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, where she plays the role of Jordan, which is currently playing in cinemas.

Marisa Abela as Yasmin Kara-Hanani

Yasmin Kara-Hanani

Will Yasmin find new romance in season 2? (Image credit: HBO Max)

Season 1 was pretty rocky for Yasmin, as we saw her break up with her boyfriend and now fans are desperate for her to hook up with Robert as there's some clear chemistry between them!

Marisa Abela is back for season 2, of course, where fans can follow what she gets up to next now that Yasmin and the others can no longer hide behind their graduate status and need to function in the "real world".

TV fans may recognize Marisa from Sky One's COBRA series, where she played the role of Ellie Sutherland. She also has an as-yet-unnamed role in Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie, which is released next year.

Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing

Harry Lawtey

Robert is back after he just scraped through and got another job! (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

There was definitely some uncertainty around Harry Lawtey's character after Industry season 1, but we're sure fans will be delighted to know he's returned for season 2 after getting a job at Pierpoint. Robert is a graduate of Oxford from a working-class Welsh background and is a favorite among fans.

Fans get to follow Robert's journey throughout season 2, however, he could be in trouble as the trailer has teased that he's somehow involved with predator client Nicole, as she's seen putting her hand on his leg.

Harry Lawtey has previously appeared in Marcella, Netflix's The Letter for the King and hit BBC soap Casualty, so fans may have spotted him there!

David Jonsson as Gus Sackey

David Jonsson

David Jonsson's Gus has a new, casual look for season 2. (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

Gus Sackey graduated from both Eton and Oxford, and was initially assigned to the Investment Banking Division (IBD) desk at Pierpoint, then the CPS desk. He is both black and gay, and is determined to head straight to number 10 and break down barriers.

David made his first appearance on TV in 2018, when he played Cromwell Ames in Endeavour and has also starred as Isaac Turner in Deep State.

Ken Leung as Eric Tao

Ken Leung

Eric Tao was reinstated at the end of season 1. (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

Ken Leung plays volatile managing director Eric in Industry and unfortunately for characters around him he's back for another round, having been chosen by Harper to stay in the role.

Eric is renowned for lashing out at his colleagues and barking orders, so no doubt those around him are in for even more abuse and difficult days at the office. And you thought your job was bad...!

TV fans will definitely recognise Ken from hit TV series Lost, where he played the role of Miles Straume. He also played Carter Chong in The Sopranos and AUSA Michael Sima in The Blacklist so he's got some great shows under his belt!

Conor MacNeill as Kenny Kilbane

Conor MacNeil

Conor MacNeil returns as bullying line manager Kenny Kilbane. (Image credit: HBO Max)

Eric isn't the only unpleasant figure returning to Industry, as Yasmin's line manager Kenny Kilbane is back on the scene. He's the Vice President of Foreign Exchange Sales and a total bully, so fans should be prepared for even more toxic management in the new episodes. Hooray!

Conor MacNeil is also known for his role as Bailey in gripping crime series The Fall, as well as having a cameo in Derry Girls and Peep Show. As well as TV work, he's also performed on the stage such as starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple of Inishmaan.

Adam Levy as Charles Hanani

Adam Levy

Adam Levy plays Charles. (Image credit: HBO Max)

Adam Levy plays Yasmin's playboy father Charles, who arrives on the scene in season 2 hoping to reconnect with his daughter. So far we don't know too much about their relationship, so we're sure wounds will be reopened over the coming episodes!

Fans may know Adam from The Witcher, as well as appearing in three episodes of Coronation Street and playing the role of Abel Heimel in Snatch.

Katrine de Candole as Celeste Pacque

Katrine de Candole joins as Celeste Pacque.

Katrine de Candole joins as Celeste Pacque. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

Celeste Pacque is another new character who arrives on the scene and seems to clash with Yasmin, but not much is known about her just yet so we'll have to see what her arrival on the scene means for Pierpoint & Co.

Katrine is a German actress who has appeared in films such as  X-Men: First Class and Dominion as well as appearing as Helga in The Ipcress File

Alex Alomar Akpobome as Danny Van Deventer 

Alex Alomar Akpobome as Danny Van Deventer

(Image credit: HBO)

Danny Van Devente is a wonderkid Executive Director from the New York office. He is a polished, privileged teen from the Upper West Side and had a ticket straight to the Wharton School.

He's played by Alex Alomar Akpobome who is known for his roles in For All Mankind and Twenties. Alex has also starred in some short films during his career.

Indy Lewis as Venetia Berens

Indy Lewis as Venetia Berens

(Image credit: HBO)

Venetia Berens joins Yasmin's Foreign Exchange Sales Desk as its newest recruit, and she's considered to be quite a brash person. She refuses to take orders which makes her clash with her superior.

Actress Indy Lewis has starred in series La Fortuna with Stanley Tucci and has also appeared in short films. 

Jay Duplass as Jesse Bloom 

Jay Duplass as Jesse Bloom

(Image credit: HBO)

Jesse Bloom is a reputable hedge fund manager who recently emigrated to the UK, and he's a new character for season 2. He and his son Leo now live in London and are now amid a scandal where either the London or New York office could be taken over by the other.

Jay Duplass has starred in Netflix series The Chair, the film Horse Girl and series Transparent, as well as producing a number of projects.

Sonny Poon Tip as Leo Bloom

Sonny Poon Tip as Leo Bloom

(Image credit: HBO)

Leo Bloom is Jesse's son, and he's played by Sonny Poon Tip, who is known for his roles in Anatomy of a Scandal, Intruder and has also appeared in episodes of BBC's Holby City

Industry season 2 launched on HBO Max in the US on Monday August 1 2022. We don't yet know when the series will arrive on BBC One but we believe the banking drama will be in the UK autumn 2022 schedules.

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