Industry season 2 — release date, cast, plot, trailer, episode guide, first looks, interview, and all about the return of the banking drama

Industry season 2 on BBC1 and HBO Max again features the exploits of bankers Yasmin, Harper and Robert who are no longer graduate trainees!
Industry season 2 on BBC1 and HBO Max again features the exploits of bankers Yasmin, Harper and Robert who are no longer graduate trainees! (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

When Industry season 2 kicks off, everything at the top international London bank Pierpoint & Co. is manic in the post-COVID world, and that includes life among the young banking team trading stocks and shares. 

The market is playing up and the trading room is more charged and intense this time around, so how will working-class Robert Spearing (Harry Lawtey), troubled American Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold), rich girl Yasmin Kara-Hanani (Marisa Abela) and gay old Etonian Gus Sackey (David Jonsson) cope with it all? 

These characters we've come to know and love from Industry season 1 can no longer hide behind their graduate status. They are expected to perform as full-fledged investment bankers in season 2. All their drug-taking binges, sexual shenanigans and nightclubbing will still be on the cards we expect in between their banking duties. There are also some new faces at Pierpoint and Co. to shake things up a bit!

So here's everything you need to know about Industry series 2 on HBO Max in the US and BBC1 in the UK...

Gus has a new, more casual look, for Industry season 2.

Gus has a new, more casual look, for Industry season 2. Will it get him noticed more? (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

Industry season 2 release date

Industry season 2 will be shown weekly in the UK on BBC1 from Tuesday September 27 at 10.40pm. Season 1 of Industry was previously shown in the UK on BBC2 in 2020 but the show has now switched to BBC1. All eight episodes os season 2 will also be released on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday September 27. The banking drama is a big part of the UK autumn 2022 schedules.

Industry season 2 has already launched on HBO Max in the US, on Monday August 1 2022 at 9pm E.T. 

Is there an Industry season 2 trailer?

Yes a trailer is released for Industry season 2 by HBO and it looks pretty good. There seems to be some sort of an away day at a British stately home which should be fun, with plenty of bed-hopping and debauchery no doubt. New hairstyles too! Take a look below...

Industry season 2 plot

Industry Season 2 picks up a year after season 1 and the graduates have been taken on as full time staff at Pierpoint & Co so are no longer allowed to hide behind their graduate status! They must prove themselves all over again in the world of high finance in the post pandemic world!  Of course, this means ever more paranoia! New US management are on the warpath and give the company an injection of cross Atlantic energy which has consequences for every employee. Now Harper, Yasmin and Robert set out to drive new business and make new alliances both in and out of the office. 

Looks like Harper and Eric could be clashing again in the office when Industry season gets underway.

Looks like Harper and Eric could be clashing again in the office when Industry season gets underway. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

Industry season 2 — returning cast

In Industry season 2 there are some familiar faces back among the Pierpoint & Co. employees including jack-the-lad coke addict Robert Spearing (Harry Lawtey), Harper Stern from New York (Myha’la Herrold), rich girl Yasmin Kara-Hanani (Marisa Abela) and gay old Etonian Gus Sackey (David Jonsson). 

Keeping them all in check as always is their boss Eric Tao (Lost star Ken Leung) and team leader Conor MacNeill (Artemis Fowl) as Kenny Kilblane . Stirring up the status quo at Pierpoint & Co are returning recurring cast include Sarah Parish as Pierpoint's eccentric client Nicole Craig, Nicholas Bishop is Yasmin's friend and client Maxim Alonso, while Sagar Radia is banker Rishi Ramdani, Mark Dexter plays Hilary Wyndham and Caoilfhionni Dunne is Jackie Walsh.

Myha’la Herrold is back as Harper Stern who is pursuing new clients in season 2.

Myha’la Herrold is back as Harper Stern who's pursuing new clients in season 2. (Image credit: BBC)

Harry Lawtey on playing Robert Spearing in Industry Season 2

Harry Lawtey told us us about where Robert is at in season 2. "We meet quite a different person to the one we originally met at the start of Industry season one. Back then, he had this very firm mask up of faux confidence and charm and all those things. In the second season, the show is post-pandemic and he's spent the last two years on his own — he hasn't had all that kind of external validation that makes him feel good about who he is, and he's had to look in the mirror a little bit more and be a little bit more introspective.

“Naturally there’s an acorn of you in every character you play. Robert was a bit of a hellraiser and a lot of my friends found that very funny when I told them what I was going to be doing, When we made the first season, the core cast of us who were taking that show forward were all very new to the industry and very inexperienced, very green and naive, which was handy because that’s the exact same as our characters. I can’t say I’ve come away from Industry knowing tons about banking."

First Look!. Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing in Industry season 2.

First Look!. Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing in Industry season 2. (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

Ken Leung is back as reinstated boss Eric.

Ken Leung is back as reinstated boss Eric. (Image credit: BBC/HBO)

Wil Yasmin and Harper patch up their differences in Industry series 2?

Wil Yasmin and Harper patch up their differences in Industry series 2? (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

New cast for Industry series 2

Industry will have plenty of new cast joining the regulars. Alex Alomar Akpobome (For All Mankind, Twenties) plays Danny Van Deventer, a wonderkid Executive Director from the New York office, Indy Lewis (La Fortuna) is Venetia Berens, who is Yasmin’s newest recruit on the Foreign Exchange Sales Desk and Katrine de Candole (Dominion) plays Celeste Pacquet. Jay Duplass (The Chair) stars as reputable hedge fund manager Jesse Bloom, Sonny Poon Tip (Anatomy of a Scandal) is his son Leo Bloom, while Adam Levy (The Witcher) as Yasmin’s playboy father Charles Hanani. 

New cast member Alex Alomar Akpobome plays Danny Van Deventer.

New cast member Alex Alomar Akpobome plays Danny Van Deventer. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

Indy Lewis joins Industry season 2 as Venetia Berens.

Indy Lewis joins Industry season 2 as Venetia Berens. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

Katrine de Candole joins as Celeste Pacque.

Katrine de Candole joins as Celeste Pacque. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

Industry season 2 episode guide (with spoilers)

Here's our episode guide to Industry season 2 here (with a few spoilers), so do keep checking right here to seen when more episodes are added...

Episode 1: Daddy
All bankers at Pierpoint & Co. are still adjusting to the post-COVD world. Harper is unable to swing working from home any longer, so returns to a rapidly changing  and an event more stressy atmosphere at Pierpoint. She immediately gets grief from Yasmin and Ken. Directives from new US leadership set the London office on edge,. Robert, who is now on Eric’s desk, isn’t making any outgoing calls. Is it because he's now sober (for how long?) and lost confidence? Robert then attempts to make a name for himself by bagging a high profile client. But his first attempt to woo them are way off the mark. Yasmin meanwhile is horrible to a young recruit she's mentoring. Eric is stressed out by the arrival of the New York rep, Daniel Van Deventer and he’s taking out his frustrations on Harper, who has plans for a potential mega-rich client who's staying at her hotel. Jesse Bloom made a name for himself around the world , for the money he made during the pandemic. Can Harper woo him?

Episode 2: The Giant Squid
Harper is still actively pursuing the world's top investor Jesse Bloom, rather than Felim (Andrew Buchan) but this exposes larger issues between her and boss Eric and the account. When Harper disturbs Jesse during a tennis session at his private club, it looks like he's annoyed. However, it eventually leads to an exciting bit of business on the trading floor, where Yasmin and Harper have to temporarily put aside their differences for the good of the Pierpoint team.
Meanwhile, Yasmin pitches herself for an exciting new opportunity just as her estranged father Charles suddenly reemerges, and Robert takes his pursuit of Nicole to another level as he takes her out for dinner and they get a little frisky in the back seat of her chauffeur driven car. It does gets him some business, however! 

Episode 3: The Fool
The big high of successfully landing Jesse Bloom as a client soon peters out when Harper at Rican Healthcare's investor event at country house. She suddenly finds herself stuck between rivals, especially Eric and Felim. She's also at the mercy of Eric's frustration. They go for a group pheasant shoot and there's an accident! After Harper advises Jesse in what to do with his RIcan shares, noses get point out of joint when he acts in a way most weren't expecting. After attempting to lure her father's business to Pierpoint, Yasmin then takes another client to dinner. But when Celeste finds out she's not pleased. Unexpected doors open for Gus as he's tutoring Jesse Bloom's son, Leo, who takes a naked swim in front him.

Episode 4: There Are Some Women...
Reeling from the fallout over Felim, Eric takes some time to reassess his next move, which sees him taking a plane to New York. While continuing to reap the rewards of gaining Jesse Bloom as a client, Harper begins to grow closer to new boy Danny. As she moves towards managing her family's money, Yasmin learns some startling home truths about her father.

Episode 5: Kitchen Season
Harper invites herself on Yasmin and Jackie's trip to Berlin, while Robert begins wooing a recent graduate. We know he's a great flirt, but will his charm work this time? Gus also weighs up a new job offer.

Episode 6: Short To The Point Of Pain
Yasmin deals with a transition, a recently AWOL Harper fears a changing work relationship with Bloom, while Gus grows conflicted about Aurore's job offer. 

Episode 7: Lone Wolf And The Cub
Harper, Eric, and Rishi receive confirmation that the London office will merge with the New York office. Meanwhile, Yasmin prepares for her first client meeting.

Episode 8: Jerusalem
Yasmin reassesses her career decisions as Harper, Eric, Danny, and Rishi seize an opportunity to change their lives.

New client Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass).

New client Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass) must be wooed in Industry series 2. (Image credit: HBO)

Sonny Poon Tip as Leo Bloom.

Sonny Poon Tip as Jesse's son Leo Bloom. (Image credit: HBO/BBC)

How Industry season 1 ended (with spoilers)

The go-getting banking graduates Robert, Harper, Yasmin and Gus had to give televised presentations in front of a panel of top management to prove their worth to Pierpoint & Co. and thus be taken on as full-time members of staff at the bank. Gus gave a frankly eccentric outburst in one sentence and walked out, but this was more of a protest about the sudden death of his fellow graduate Hari, who Gus sat next to, and management are desperate to put that awful event behind them. 

It seems they need to keep Gus on side so it's very likely he'll keep his job!
Robert's presentation seemed to go ok until he got a nose bleed which those in the know clearly thought was down to his coke habit! He was championed by some on the panel as being just the sort of chap the clients like (due to his hedonistic partying with them!)

Yasmin probably gave the best performance of all the graduates but she then fell out with her housemate Harper for the manipulating going on behind backs, plus the sex antics both have had with Robert! Yasmin clearly likes Robert instead of her drippy, waster boyfriend Seb but Yas had led Robert on merry dance of flirting for most of season 1, until there was a memorable encounter with him in the toilets at the office Christmas party. 

Then of course there was a threesome at a house party between Robert, Yasmin and Harper, which Harper ended when she got too freaked out.

Harper's graduate presentation was a complete disaster when she became too nervous to speak and fled the room. However the "big cheese" at Pierpoint was over from America with an agenda and he was keen to offer her a deal which meant that his mate and Harper's former boss Eric got his job back, after he'd previously acted unprofessionally around her earlier in the series and she complained. 

Instead, it was Harper's team boss Daria who paid the price with her job in the end, as Harper testified that Daria put unfair pressure on hair to make accusations against Eric. The end result is Harper keeps her job at Pierpoint & Co. and we assume the other graduates have been taken on too since they are all appearing in Industry season 2.

Take a look at the Industry season 1 trailer below...

It all kicked off in Industry season 1 as the graduates try to prove themselves at Pierpoint & Co.

It all kicked off in Industry season 1 as the graduates tried to prove themselves at Pierpoint & Co. (Image credit: HBO )