The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 19, 2024: Brooke makes a decision

Hope (Annika Noelle) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) in The Bold and the Beautiful
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Poppy wants her sister back while Bill checks in with Katie in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 19, 2024.  

We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) insists that she’s not going to work with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), despite her father’s insistence that Steffy is a born leader and Brooke also knows what’s best for the company. No matter what Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) says, Steffy says she’s not going to work with Brooke. Period. Hope and Brooke exchange looks. 

Bill (Don Diamont) brings Katie (Heather Tom) coffee, and she’s impressed that he remembers how she takes it. He asks if she knows why he asked her there, and she knows it has to do with Poppy (Romy Park) and the daughter they share. 

Meanwhile, Poppy stops in at Li’s (Naomi Matsuda) office to see her. Poppy wants to talk about the paternity test. Li sighs in exasperation. Poppy thinks they all left things in a bad way after the test. Li thought her presence would make it all better, knowing that the test was given by a professional. Poppy had been hoping that since the results confirmed that Bill is Luna’s father, things would be better between them but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Bill knows that they haven’t had a chance to talk, and Katie agrees. Things have been happening much too fast, Katie says, and Poppy has constantly been around Bill’s house now that she moved in. Bill admits that the news was shocking, but it’s a good thing. He wants to know how Katie feels knowing that Bill has another child with another woman. 

Ridge insists that the decision is for the good of the company. She points out that the plan was to have a father-daughter team. Ridge says this isn’t changing, but he needs to focus on design. She doesn’t see how having Brooke makes this any better. 

Li asks if Poppy wants for them to repair their relationship. Poppy says she wants to be close to her sister the way they used to be. Poppy reminds Li of a story of Poppy being punished when she was five, and Li was there to comfort her. “I want my big sister back,” Poppy says, her voice cracking. She knows that she’s made some bad decisions in the past, but she wants a fresh start now that things are changing. Li asks if this is because she’s finally gotten what she’s always wanted: a rich man.

Katie says she has a lot of thoughts. While she loves Luna, she can’t help but question Poppy’s motives in keeping Luna’s paternity a secret from him. Bill asks if Katie is feeling threatened by his sharing a daughter with Poppy. 

Steffy asks Brooke how long she’s known about Ridge’s plan. Ridge tells his daughter that Brooke initially said no because she was worried how Steffy would react. Steffy says that this isn’t a business decision, it’s personal. Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) tells Steffy that Brooke is the ideal person to take over Ridge’s responsibilities because of her past experience running the company. Hope (Annika Noelle) supports her mother, which makes Steffy roll her eyes.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Poppy can’t understand why Li won’t be happy for her. Li says her opinion of Poppy hasn’t changed but she’s happy for Luna because now she finally knows who her father is. Li thinks Poppy has a motive for not revealing the truth sooner. Poppy insists that she’s in awe of Bill as a father, and she wishes Li would move on from the past. Until then, she’s grateful that Li helped them with the test. 

Bill knows Katie well enough to know that she’s thinking about something. Katie admits the whole situation is “confusing” and she can’t justify her own “mixed feelings” about it. When he prods her, she points out that he never had relationships with Liam and Wyatt’s mothers, but he lived in the house with Katie and their son. And now he’s doing the same with Poppy. He says that she and Will can’t be replaced, and she recalls the great times they had together in that house. Bill says he hasn’t forgotten any of those “special memories” and he’ll always treasure them. 

Hope reminds her mother that she is ready to take on a more “active” role and this is exactly what she needs to do. Steffy thinks Hope is only supporting the idea because Steffy tried to cut her clothing line but Hope, sensing Steffy’s immense frustration, asks Ridge if maybe Steffy needs to take some responsibilities off her plate. Ridge, frustrated, says they didn’t call the meeting to have a fight. Hope says that the idea of Brooke stepping up is a great thing but Steffy can’t deal with having a Logan running the company with her. Ridge turns to Brooke and asks if she’ll accept his offer. 

Katie laughs as they talk about their memories of raising Will. Bill wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. He says they had a perfect life until he ruined it. Katie knows he is over his feelings for Brooke and doesn't hold it against him anymore. She brings the conversation back to Poppy and Luna and says they need to talk to Will first, so she begs him to keep the news out of the press. Bill laughs about breaking the news to Will by reminding him how he always wanted a sister. He gets a text and has to leave, but before he goes he tells her that talking with her was nice and she’ll always be his Katie. She wipes away tears as she thinks back to their early days together. Poppy walks in and finds Katie on the couch. “Katie? What are you doing here?” she asks. 

Carter presses Brooke for an answer as Hope says that Steffy can’t steamroll the Logans out of the company. Steffy reminds them that the name on the building is her family name, and the company was established by her grandfather and her grandmother, her namesake. Brooke says she was looking forward to combining her talent with Steffy. For now, Brooke says she will say yes and she hopes that she will be able to build something great with Steffy. “This is Logans and Forresters united,” she says. “Trust me.” Steffy, however, doesn’t look so sure. 

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