The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Steffy believes Finn, attacks Sheila?

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Finn walked into trouble in the May 23 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, but will Steffy believe that he didn’t do it intentionally? Will she choose to believe him and go after Sheila instead?

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) gave Finn (Tanner Novlan) an ultimatum about Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). He had to choose: his family or Sheila. Finn chose his family without hesitation. 

Sheila wasn’t satisfied with Steffy keeping her from her son, so she’s been angling to keep him in her life by trying to play with his emotions. 

Sheila’s wedding to Deacon (Sean Kanan) was supposed to be at the beach, so imagine poor Finn’s shock walking into Il Giardino to pick up pizza, only to find that the wedding is happening and Sheila thinks he’s there to be part of her special day. 

Thankfully, Steffy and Liam (Scott Clifton) know that Finn was going to get pizza and Steffy knew that the wedding was supposed to be at the beach. So at least Finn has that going for him. 

We know Sheila is going to use this mishap to say that Finn attended her wedding, and this is where we think Steffy is going to unleash her fury toward her husband’s birth mother. 

Steffy’s patience with Sheila has been gone for a while now. After all the horrible things Sheila has done to her family, Steffy has good reason to hate the woman. Finn’s inexplicable link to his birth mother has left Steffy with a frustrating dilemma, but her love for her husband, and his love for her, has kept their marriage strong despite quite a few speed bumps. (Notably, Steffy being attacked by Sheila, who was actually Sugar, and killing her.)

We’re rooting for Steffy on this one. We want Steffy (and perhaps even Liam) to see that Finn didn’t intend to be anywhere near Sheila and Deacon’s wedding, and for her to shut down Sheila’s claims that Finn "attended" her wedding. Sheila’s trying to sink her claws into Finn, and we’re hoping Steffy’s claws are sharper. 

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS and the following day on Paramount Plus. Check your local listings to see when it comes on where you are. 

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