The Fall of the House of Usher episode 3 recap: What happened to Camille?

Kate Siegel as Camille
Camille was the second Usher sibling to die. (Image credit: Netflix)

The Fall of the House of Usher episode 3 reveals what happened to Camille, another of the Usher siblings. After witnessing the grisly demise of her younger brother, we know it's not going to be pleasant!

During The Fall of the House of Usher episode 2, we saw the disastrous events that unfolded at Perry's nightclub, causing him and his party guests to be burned to death. This episode sees the family reeling from what happened, but also the practicality of having to cover his death up to protect their image.

Enter Camille L'Espanaye (Kate Siegel), the PR expert of the family who finds a way to put a spin on things. She's also got her own digging to be doing, which unfortunately leads to her death.

Here's what you need to know about The Fall of the House of Usher episode 3...

How did Camille L'Espanaye die?

Kate Siegel as Camille

Camille paid the price for snooping... (Image credit: Netflix)

By this point, we're very familiar with the Fall of the House of Usher pattern and we know that we're going to see exactly what happened to each of the siblings. Next on the list is Camille.

Camille works in PR and is very good at her job, including her brainstorming on how to handle Perry's death after her father wanted it to look like "he was in the wrong place at the wrong time", so as to not raise any suspicions since he was on company property.

However, Camille was not a very nice person. This becomes abundantly clear when she fires her two assistants after they admit they no longer want to keep having sex with her. She reminds them that they had a "full-service position" and now they're no longer of use to her.

She's also got a vendetta against her half-sister Victorine (T’Nia Miller) her and is convinced she is the Usher informant that was alluded to in episode one. Even if Victorine isn't involved in that, Camille is suspicious of her because of her recent research involving heart device testing on live chimps.

Camille sneaks into Victorine's facility late at night and starts taking photographs, hoping she can expose her sister. However, she runs into Verna immediately, who is posing as a security guard.

Verna’s conversation with Camille is just as creepy as the one with Perry. When she follows Camille into the lab with the chimps, she talks about how “deviously, pointlessly mean you lot can be", and tells Camille she shouldn't have come here.

Verna begins acting like one of the chimps and Camille attempts to get photographic evidence of the weird phenomenon, but all that appears is one of the chimps. The next morning, two unsuspecting lab techs arrive to find blood all over the floor, Camille’s torn-up body, and the chimp sitting next to her.

What did Leo do after Perry's death?

Rahul Kohli as Leo

Leo and Camille spent time together before her death. (Image credit: Netflix)

While much of this episode focused on the feud between Camille and Victorine, we also got a little insight into Napoleon “Leo” Usher (Rahul Kohli), one of the other siblings.

Everyone's been grieving Perry's loss, unbeknownst to them that Camille was soon to suffer a similar fate, and Leo was doing it in his own way. This involved taking a lot of drugs and getting himself into quite a state.

Camille had been present while he was indulging and decided to leave, which turns out to be a terrible decision on her part.

Unfortunately for Leo, the comedown was far worse than just a headache and feeling a bit out of it. He wakes up and discovers he has blood all over his hand and clothes, and is horrified to discover he has stabbed his boyfriend Julius’ (Daniel Jun) cat Pluto to death, with seemingly no recollection of how or why he did it.

He frantically cleans the apartment, makes some breakfast, and feeds him a lie about how Pluto must've accidentally got out while they were too high to notice.

It's an awful scene and something tells us this might come back to bite Leo later on.

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