Turner & Hooch star Josh Peck: 'Hooch disrupts Turner’s life in a beautiful way!'

Josh Peck in Turner & Hooch
Josh Peck teams up with a canine crime-solver in Turner & Hooch. (Image credit: Disney)

Turner & Hooch captured movie fans’ imaginations back in 1989 with its action-packed tale (or should that be tail?!) of savvy cop Scott Turner, played by Tom Hanks, whose life was upended when he found himself in charge of a slobbery French Mastiff, Hooch, with a knack for crime-solving.

Now, over 30 years on, Disney+’s 12-part Turner & Hooch reboot, airing from Wednesday 21 July, follows Scott’s son, US marshal Scott Jr., played by Josh Peck, who finds himself in a very similar situation. In the wake of Scott Sr’s death, Scott Jr. inherits another irrepressible French mastiff, also named Hooch after his predecessor. But as Scott comes to appreciate Hooch’s ability to sniff out a criminal, can the super-cute pooch also help to uncover more about Scott Sr’s mysterious demise?

We caught up with Peck, best known for Drake & Josh and the Ice Age sequels, to find out more...

What's your take on Scott?

"Scott thinks he has everything figured out. He's a career man, he wants to become a Chief with the US Marshals, he’s chasing bank robbers, protecting judges, and helping with witness protection. But his ex, Brooke (Glee’s Becca Tobin), broke his heart and he just can't let it go, so he’s lonely."

Does Hooch change his life?

"Hooch comes into his life and utterly disrupts it in a beautiful way! My son's two, and it's amazing how, whether it's an animal or your own child, they’re these balls of love that are constantly disrupting your plans, but if you can adjust and be flexible, you discover something you never could have imagined. That's how it is with Turner and Hooch. "

What was it like working with the five different dogs who play Hooch?

Hooch in Turner & Hooch

One of the irresistible dogs playing Hooch. (Image credit: Disney)

"I was deeply in love with these dogs and their different personalities. Each dog brought something special. Obi was our older statesman and good at so many things. Hammer would literally pull my arm out of the socket and run hard but was really animated. And Mimi was our specialist if we needed her to pull something off a table." 

Did you try to emulate anything from Tom Hanks’ performance in the original film?

"I'm trying to emulate one of the greatest actors of our time, at all times! But what's great about Tom Hanks then is that he was in his ascent to superstardom. He’d done Big, but he hadn't done Forrest Gump or Philadelphia yet, so it's cool to watch him. It's like a samurai sharpening his blade, you see him honing his Tom Hanks-isms and all his greatness. For me, it’s just about having that same balance of being likable, while also being relentlessly annoyed with this gigantic animal!" 

And did you replicate Tom’s 1980s style as well?!

"Yes! There are a couple of pops of color in my wardrobe, which are great because if you notice Tom in the original, he's wearing some real 80s goodies in that movie, there are some incredible pieces!"

What do you hope people will take away from the show?

"It's a beautiful blend of something that an entire family can enjoy and that's its secret weapon. It’s highly emotional, Scott has this love triangle going on [with Brooke and dog trainer Erica, played by Glee’s Vanessa Lengies] and there are life and death stakes when it comes to finding bad guys. But it's really funny! Especially when you cut to a shot of Hooch just cocking his head!"

When can I watch Turner & Hooch?

The 12-part series begins on Wednesday July 21 on Disney+.

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