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Where was Keep Breathing filmed? Keep Breathing filming locations revealed

Liv (Melissa Barrera) treads water in Keep Breathing
Keep Breathing was shot on-location in the Canadian wilderness: here's where. (Image credit: Netflix)

Keep Breathing sees Manhattan lawyer Liv (played by Melissa Barrera) left to fend for herself after her flight to Inuvik crashes down into a lake in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. 

With no one around to help, this Netflix survival thriller follows Liv's fight for survival as she tries to navigate the perilous environment all on her own, all while grappling with her own personal trauma along the way.

The Netflix survival thriller has made quite a splash since it was released on Thursday, July 28 as it has stolen the no. 1 spot on Netflix from Virgin River season 4. Given how beautiful the setting look on screen, many fans have been wondering where the show was shot. 

So, where was Keep Breathing filmed? Read on to find out.

Where was Keep Breathing filmed?

As all the action in the series takes place in the Canadian wilderness, it probably comes as no surprise that Keep Breathing was filmed on location in and around British Columbia.

Narcity (opens in new tab) has a detailed breakdown of some of the breathtaking scenery that can be seen in the show. They report that the show includes spots from one of the hiking trails in Squamish, to the views from the town of Mission and scenes from both Vancouver Island and Cobble Island. 

City scenes were also shot in Greater Vancouver, with Downtown Vancouver standing in for the scenes shot in New York City. The water scenes appear to be filmed in the Cheakamus River, which is a tributary of the Squamish River, and the team was also reported to have used the locales of Whistler Olympic Park for a period, too. (via TheCinemaholic (opens in new tab)).

Clearly, the show made quite an impact on Melissa Barrera. Upon its release day, she posted a photo of herself at the edge of what definitely appears to be Vancouver Island lake on Instagram, writing "I left a piece of myself on this lake. Can't wait for you to watch" 

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Eagle-eyed fans might recognize the scenery from some of Netflix's other recent projects, as Narcity also claims that some of the locations in Keep Breathing were also used in The Adam Project and Maid.

Is Inuvik in Keep Breathing a real place?

Inuvik is the small town that Liv is desperate to get to in Keep Breathing. Her flight gets canceled, but she ends up talking her way onto a private plane along with two complete strangers. This proves to be her undoing, as the plane crashes down into a lake during the flight, leaving Liv stranded in the Canadian wilderness. 

If you were planning to follow in Liv's footsteps, you'll be pleased to know that Inuvik is indeed a real place! It's a town found in the Northwest Territories of Canada which is found 200km North of the Arctic Circle.

Melissa Barrera and Austin Stowell lying by a lake in Keep Breathing.

Keep Breathing kicks off as Liv's plane crashes into this lake in the middle of nowhere. (Image credit: Netflix)

When did filming take place?

Filming on Keep Breathing lasted roughly three months. It began in late June 2021 and ran till mid-September of the same year.

If you want to learn a little bit more about Melissa Barrera and all the other stars of the show, head over to our Keep Breathing cast guide. If you've already binged the entire show and were left wondering whether Liv survived her ordeal, check out our Keep Breathing ending explained feature to read about where we find her by the time the credits have rolled.

Keep Breathing is now streaming on Netflix. 

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