Meet the Keep Breathing Cast: Who's who in the Netflix survival drama

Melissa Barrera and Austin Stowell in Keep Breathing.
Keep Breathing is now available to stream on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)

Keep Breathing is a survival drama that's hit Netflix. In it, we follow Liv (Melissa Barrera), a lawyer from New York City who must struggle to survive on her own after becoming stranded in the Canadian wilderness when her plane crashes into a lake.

As well as facing the impossible odds of survival in the unforgiving Canadian frontier, Liv will also be grappling with some of her own personal demons throughout the show. Keep Breathing might be Liv's story, but throughout the show, we'll see some of the most influential people from her past cropping up as she wrestles with the moments leading up to her current predicament.  

Here's a who's who of every major player that you'll be seeing in the Keep Breathing cast...

Who's in the Keep Breathing cast?

Melissa Barrera as Liv

Melissa Barrera takes a rest under a fallen tree in Keep Breathing.

Liv is the main character of Keep Breathing. (Image credit: Netflix)

Melissa Barrera leads the cast of Keep Breathing as Liv, a lawyer from Manhattan who is desperate to take some time off from work to fly to Inuvik in northwestern Canada. Her commercial flight gets delayed, but she overhears two men chatting about making a flight out there and hitches a ride with them. This turns out to be a big mistake, as the plane crashes into a lake in the Canadian wilderness.

Melissa Barrera is probably best known for playing Vanessa in 2021's In The Heights, or for playing Sam Carpenter in Scream (2022).

A younger version of Liv also appears in the show, where she is played by Superman & Lois' Joselyn Picard.

Jeff Wilbusch as Danny 

Liv (Melissa Barrera) shakes hands with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) in Keep Breathing

Danny is Liv's love interest.  (Image credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

Danny is a lawyer who works at the same law firm as Liv, and we see from flashbacks that the pair hit it off immediately and started a relationship together.

Jeff Wilbusch has also appeared in Netflix's Unorthodox, Bad Banks and The Little Drummer Girl.

Austin Stowell as Sam

Sam (Austin Stowell) looks down the camera in Keep Breathing

Sam is one of the only other people on the plane with Liv. (Image credit: Netflix)

Austin Stowell also features as Sam. Sam tells Liv that he's a wildlife photographer heading up to Inuvik to film the caribou run. Initially, he's not willing to let her board his plane, but he relents after Liv offers Sam and the pilot, George (Mike Dopud) $1000 each

You might recognize Austin from the Steven Spielberg movie, Bridge of Spies or as drummer Ryan Connolly in Damien Chazelle's drama, Whiplash. Austin Stowell's other roles include appearances in The Secret Life of the Amerian Teenager, Hulu's Catch-22 and Larry King in Battle of the Sexes.

Florencia Lozano as Lucia

Lucia (Florencia Lozano) holds a painting in Keep Breathing.

Florencia Lozano as Liv's mother, Lucia. (Image credit: Netflix/ Ricardo Hubbs)

Florencia Lozano plays Liv's mother, Lucia. Lucia is an artist, but her relationship with Liv has suffered due to Lucia's mental health difficulties. 

Florencia Lozano's other roles include Claudia Messina in Narcos, Dr. Thompson in Veronika Decides to Die and Téa Delgado Lord in One Life to Live and General Hospital. She also wrote the screenplay for Life After You with director, Sarah T. Schwab.

Juan Pablo Espinosa plays Tomás

Juan Pablo Espinosa and Joselyn Picard in Keep Breathing.

Tomás with a younger version of Liv (played by Joselyn Picard). (Image credit: Netflix/ Ricardo Hubbs)

Columbian actor Juan Pablo Espinosa rounds the cast out as Liv's father, Tomás. Like Lucia, he mostly appears in flashbacks to Liv's childhood, as she reflects on her childhood whilst struggling to survive.

Juan Pablo Espinosa has had roles in multiple Spanish-language series such as Secrets of Paradise and appeared in the Apple TV Plus comedy Acapulco and in Cocaine Godmother alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Keep Breathing is available to stream on Netflix.

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