Who was Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US?

Space Bunny performs on stage on The Masked Singer
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Who is Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US? 

Having officially entered the competition for The Masked Singer US season 7 as part of Team Cuddly, Space Bunny's time on the show came to an end on episode 9 of the season. So who was the voice behind the mask? 

Who was Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US?

Space Bunny was unmasked and revealed to be Shaggy. This was a big surprise for almost no one, as many fans had guessed this from his first week on the show. While Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger both theorized that Space Bunny was Shaggy, Jenny went against the two and actually guessed the celebrity behind the costume was Sean Kingston. Ken Jeong's guess was so off, that we almost don't want to share that he thought Space Bunny was Owen Wilson. 

Who is Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US? Song picks...

Space Bunny's week one song pick was "Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte.

During his second week on the show, Space Bunny chose to sing  "All Night Long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie.

In his last week on the show, Space Bunny sang "Now That We Found Love," by Heavy D & The Boyz FT. Aaron Hall.

Who is Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US? Show clues...

In Space Bunny's "cluemerical," he talks about a Space Boost Energy Drink, for those we are "tired of trailblazing all over the galaxy." Among the visual clues in the package are a bee, a red handprint, a man sleeping at his desk, a dog and a basketball surrounded by flames.

The mega clue this week for Space Bunny was revealed to be a dumbbell that weighs 500 lbs.  Space Bunny comments on the dumbbell by saying "I've been doing a lot of intense training over the years."  He also notes that he's been ready to "knock the competition out." 

During his third week on the show, Space Bunny’s first clue offered was a crown. The next hint was an actual boom box. The last clue for Space Bunny was a power drill.  

Who is Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US? Costume clues…

The Masked Singer season 7 Space Bunny

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As usual, the costume isn’t giving away many clues as to who it could be, but once again we’re going to go with our previous guess of Michael Jordan for the costume clue, due to him starring in the hit comedy movie Space Jam alongside the iconic cartoon Bugs Bunny. 

Who is Space Bunny in The Masked Singer US? Theories...

So far the judges seem to be thinking Space Bunny is an NBA star, with Robin Thicke guessing Damian Lillard and Nicole Scherzinger musing about musician Shaggy before offically saying LeBron James; though Thicke ventures a second guess of Jamaican rapper Sean Paul.

The Masked Singer fans think Scherzinger may have been right. Looking at the clues, many fans took to social media to make predictions that Space Bunny is Shaggy. As mentioned above, since Shaggy's first song was "Oh Carolina" and Space Bunny's first clue was the state of North Carolina, they think the similarities are too good to deny right now.

After his second week on the show, it appears the runaway theory on Twitter is that the singer Shaggy is Space Bunny. 

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The Masked Singer US season 7 airs on Fox on Wednesdays 8 pm ET/PT.

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