Holby City's Camilla Arfwedson: 'Zosia pounces on Jesse!'

With an appalling track record with men, next Tuesday Holby City doctor Zosia March begins to see family friend Jesse Law in a whole new light, as actress Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

Jesse and Zosia know each other well - what's their history?

"Jesse's been a friend of Zosia's dad, Holby boss Guy Self, for years, so she was delighted when Guy hired him as the hospital's new anaesthetist. Zosia calls him Uncle Jesse, so they are quite familiar with one another and very fond of one another it seems and in recent weeks they've been quite flirty."

In this week's episode, Zosia's bedside manner has been questioned by her patients - with one even calling her 'a grumpy Kate Adie'. Why is Zosia like that do you think?

"I just think Zosia's someone who wants to get the job done. She's just terribly efficient and wants to get on with things at a fast pace and doesn't want to engage with people emotionally. Guy was a very tough father growing up, so it's a bit of a 'like father, like daughter' situation. Zosia knows she needs to change, but it's obvious she really struggles."

Zosia's low score amuses Jesse (Don Gilet), who feels that patient Lindsey Kendal (Claire Sweeney) will give Zosia a chance to prove she can have empathy for with patients. But when she asks for help with Lindsey, Jesse tells her she's on her own...

"The thing is, Zosia's so bossy that most people are terrified of her. However, Jesse's the only one who can tease Zosia and make her laugh and he doesn't give in to her demands, which is even more attractive to her."

Dominic reckons Jesse's winding Zosia up because he fancies her - and he suggests she likes Jesse, too!

"There is lots of chemistry between Jesse and Zosia and I think Dom sees it before Zosia does. Dom's noticed that Jesse's very handsome and charming and helps to stoke the fire a bit."

Later, Zosia's visibly annoyed that Jesse's been entertained by her attempts to be kinder to her patients. But her frustration soon turns into passion…

"That's right. All day, Jesse's been testing her, ribbing her and challenging her and then eventually she crumbles and decides in that moment that she's going to go for him. Zosia's a very predatory person - she's very animalistic in her approach and just pounces on Jesse with a kiss. But whether she's making a move on him out of genuine feelings or because of an agenda, who knows..."

The kiss is very full-on - did you have to do many takes with Don?

"Don and I get on exceptionally well because he's just so ridiculously cheeky and naughty in real life, so we just got on with it. It didn't take long to get the scene at all."

What do you enjoy most about playing Zosia?

"Oh, there are so many layers to her and she's incredibly complex. There's lots more to come that will explain why Zosia is the way she is."


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