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Hollyoaks' new McQueen, Chloe, is on a collision course with Patrick

Hollyoaks newcomer Cleo McQueen is about to land herself in hot water with terrifying headmaster Patrick Blake over a misunderstanding.

Cleo, played by Nadine Mulkerrin, recently arrived in the village and is the younger sister of Porsche and Celine and the latest member of the McQueen clan. But it looks as though she is already getting on the wrong side of local evil mastermind Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield), when he thinks he catches her writing graffiti about him.

Patrick's estranged granddaughter Nico (Persephone Swales-Dawson) is actually to blame, venting her anger about her dysfunctional family on some school property with a spray can.

When brainy Cleo sees Nico scrawl "Mr Blakes got a thunder butt" on a shutter, she can't help but step in and add the missing apostrophe - unfortunately, with Patrick looking on and assuming the vandalism is down to her.

The scenes screen on Hollyoaks tonight (January 26) on E4 and tomorrow night (January 27) on Channel 4.