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Hollyoaks’ shock reveal: Scott’s accomplice in the kidnap of baby Rose is Tegan

(Image credit: Lime Productions)

Did you see it? Right at the end of Friday’s first look Hollyoaks on E4, it was revealed that Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis (opens in new tab)) knows exactly where toddler Rose is: because she organised her kidnap with Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams (opens in new tab)).

How the extremely colourful Scott managed to slip away unseen with Rose in front of a crowd of people is a mystery yet to be solved, though…

Tegan has clearly acted out of desperation, following Diane O’Connor’s (Alex Fletcher (opens in new tab)) threats to fight for custody of Rose, who is Diane’s birth daughter, swapped with Tegan’s daughter Dee Dee by drunken midwife Mariam Andresw (Helen Lederer) when the girls were born.

As Diane is arrested for the kidnap at a press conference, Tegan is shown turning up at Scott’s hideaway, and asking: “What the hell have we done?”

What, indeed?

Hollyoaks (opens in new tab) continues on C4/E4 Monday, 6.30pm/7.00pm