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Hollyoaks star Nico explains Newt's death wish!

Hollyoaks star Nico explains Newt's death wish!
Hollyoaks star Nico explains Newt's death wish!

Hollyoaks' Nico Mirallegro reveals Newt and new love Rae make a suicide pact to get rid of Eli! Newt went missing after the attack on Gaz. Where is he?

"Hiding. He thinks he’s killed Gaz because Eli’s telling him he has so he’s scared and mixed-up." How is he coping?

"Not well. He hasn’t got any medication and Eli’s hold on him is getting stronger." How does Rae come into his life?

"She’s just suddenly there after Eli persuades Newt to mug an old lady for money. They hide out in a derelict warehouse and Newt sees Rae standing high up on a ledge. She warns him to stay away or she’ll jump, but he manages to talk her down and they bond. Eli’s not happy." Who is Rae?

"She’s kind of sparky and weird but in a good way, and she manages to get through to Newt. He feels at ease with her and even tells her about Eli. At first she can’t understand that Newt and Eli are actually the same person, but she soon comes round and agrees Newt can stay. Newt falls for her and she seems to feel the same about him." Does she help Newt control Eli?

"She’s on his wavelength and on his side so, yes, she helps Newt stand up to Eli to some extent. It’s not easy, though. Eli’s hold over Newt is incredibly strong now and he hates Rae because she’s a rival and a threat." Could Rae be in danger from Eli?

"Newt and Rae are lying in each others’ arms, planning their future, when suddenly Eli appears. Rae stands in his path and saves Newt but this fuels Eli’s fury and after a mental wrestle he completely takes over Newt." Does Rae realise it’s now Eli, not Newt?

"Not immediately but as Eli becomes increasingly more obvious she understands and flees for her life. After a chase through the warehouse, Eli grabs her and we see Newt wrestle for control to save her." Will Eli try again?

"Newt believes he’ll have to battle Eli for the rest of his life. But Rae tells him she never wants to go home and suggests they end it all together… in a suicide pact." How does Newt react?

"He’s more confused than ever and at first Eli manages to talk him out of it. But Newt changes his mind after Rae kisses him goodbye and makes for the top of the warehouse. He’s tired of the voices in his head and is desperate to get rid of Eli. He races after Rae…" Frankie, Jack and Lauren have been searching for Newt? Do they arrive in time?

"They get there just as Newt and Rae jump and plunge into the cold dockland water." They manage to pull Newt out… Is he dead?

"You’ll have to wait and see." Do they find Rae?

"What happens to Rae is a huge, huge surprise." Click here to watch’s new weekly soaps video preview, the Soap Scoop (opens in new tab)

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