Rick Spencer is first victim of the Gloved Hand, Hollyoaks’ new serial killer

Hollyoaks’ new serial killer has claimed their first victim at the Dee Valley University Hospital.

Soap bosses revealed in 2014 that a new murderer - to be dubbed the Gloved Hand killer - would roam the corridors of the local hospital in 2015, preying on the weak and vulnerable.

And now Hollyoaks fans who tuned in to the E4 first look episode on New Year’s Eve will have seen Rick Spencer (Victor Gardener (opens in new tab)), become the first character to fall prey to the killer - who we already know will strike again.

The special, hour-long episode saw Rick left in a critical condition after getting into a fight with youngest son Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham (opens in new tab)), before older brother Joe Roscoe (Ayden Callaghan (opens in new tab)) stepped in and punched him.

Rick had just regained consciousness in hospital when an unidentified medic was shown injecting him with potassium chloride.

After Dr Savage (Andrew Greenough (opens in new tab)), Celine McQueen (Sarah George (opens in new tab)), Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis (opens in new tab)) and Kim Butterfield (Daisy Wood-Davis (opens in new tab)) were unable to resuscitate Rick, he was pronounced dead and Joe was arrested for murder.

Victor had been in the show for just over seven months, making his first appearance as Rick in May 2014.

Though soap bosses haven’t decided how many people will be killed off, the Gloved Hand killer is set to strike throughout 2015, and they will not be unmasked for months.

Hollyoaks bosses have even built a new hospital set especially for the storyline.

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood (opens in new tab) said: “We have a hospital set populated with characters and primed for a big gothic plot. We love a mystery, but this story won’t just be a whodunit, it will be a ‘who’s next?’,  packed with tension and plenty of red herrings.”

Hollyoaks (opens in new tab) continues on C4, January 2, 6.30pm.