Sienna drops a baby bombshell on Warren, reveals Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey

Hollyoaks, Sienna Blake

Sienna Blake tells Warren Fox she’s expecting his child. But is she, or is this another nasty game? Soaplife asks Hollyoaks star Anna Passey

Sienna Blake has proved herself to be more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic to Warren Fox. He wants rid of her, but Sienna hopes she’ll win Warren round when she announces she’s pregnant with his baby. “She knows he isn’t going to say he loves her,” Anna Passey tells Soaplife. “But she’s sure he’ll want to care for his child, and she’s got nine months to prove herself.”

Not long ago, Sienna hated Warren… “I know, but she’s moved on. She was hell-bent on getting justice for the death of her daughter, Nico. But she’s come to realise Warren [Jamie Lomas] had good intentions when he saved her from the fire first. She loves Warren and she now realises Nico’s death wasn’t his fault.”

Acting desperate won’t win Warren back, though! “No, but Sienna does desperation well. She wouldn’t ever move on from a relationship like a normal person. She’s got nobody left. She realises he has no interest in getting back together with her, but she does think he’ll want to care for his child. She’s seen that in the way he is with Joel [Rory Douglas-Speed] and how he behaves about his late sister, Katy.”

Is Sienna really carrying Warren’s child? “That would be telling. Warren doesn’t take Sienna at face value any more, so he demands she take a test when she goes round to explain she’s pregnant.”

Can Sienna ever be a good mum? “She is capable of it, but it would be very difficult. She has so many demons. Terrible things have happened to her and she’s not good at having a normal relationship with another human being. However, if she managed to keep Warren and raise a child into some semblance of a normal human being, it would be a curse lifted.”

Would you like her to be pregnant? “It would be interesting, but I don’t like the prosthetic belly. I wore it for nine months when Sienna faked a pregnancy. It was hot and heavy and I acted differently. I made that little exhale that heavily pregnant women do every time I sat down. I also wanted to eat lots of cake!”

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