Maxine interrogated in Hollyoaks!

As Hollyoaks' Point of View week begins, Maxine faints when she's taken in for questioning over Patrick's murder. Could she be pregnant?

When Maxine is taken in for questioning over Patrick's murder she suddenly feels faint and collapses.

Tegan suggests she could be pregnant and, when she later recovers, Maxine braces herself to do a test. Is she expecting and, if so, who's the father: Warren or Adam?

Later, Maxine returns to the police station but is floored to be given some shattering news. Is Maxine going to be able to defend herself - or is she facing a possible sentence for a murder she didn't commit?

Maxine is questioned over her husband Patrick's murder

DS Armstrong interrogates Maxine, convinced she's responsible for Patrick's death. However, when Maxine suddenly feels faint and collapses, she starts to wonder if she might be pregnant

Later on, Maxine does a pregnancy test at home. Will it be positive and, if so, who's the father: Warren or Adam?

Maxine confides in Adam but word gets out to Warren who storms round to the house to confront Maxine

When Darren and Jack find the pregnancy test, they immediately assume it belongs to Nancy...

Darren's in a spin. What will he do next? And what will Jack say when his son announces he wants to go to the police station and give his version of events for the night that Patrick died? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday 5 September