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Ryan and Mercedes kiss in Hollyoaks, but has someone spied them?

The chemistry between the pair sizzles and they end up locking lips but have they been caught out?

When Goldie is caught shop-lifting from Price Slice,  Ryan goes round to see the McQueens, however he's taken aback to find Mercedes there alone.

As the pair chat and wait for Goldie to come home, the chemistry between them sizzles and one thing soon leads to another as they start kissing passionately.

But is someone watching in the wings? Is Ryan's, already suspicious wife Amy, about to learn about his infidelity?

Police officer Ryan goes round to the McQueen's to have a word with Goldie after she's been caught shoplifting but he finds Mercedes home alone.

As the pair start talking the chemistry sizzles. Mercedes is quick to latch on to the fact that Ryan's had an earlier argument with his wife Amy.

Unable to resist eachother, they soon start kissing.

Things start hotting up!

But someone has seen them together through the window. Uh oh. Who's caught the pair in action and is this the end of Ryan's marriage to Amy? Watch Hollyoaks on Channel 4 from Monday 27 December.