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Is Kyle falling for his missing brother's missus Ricky in Home and Away?

Kyle Braxton has decided it's time to leave Summer Bay. But will his growing feelings for Ricky and her baby, Casey, lead him to have a change of heart?



Kyle has been finding comfort and friendship with Ricky and his baby nephew, Casey, ever since his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe, lost their unborn twins because of pregnancy complications.


Ricky's heart still belongs to baby Casey's dad, Braxton, who she still believes is dead following his escape from prison. But is Kyle now falling for his big brother's lady?


Ricky's medical colleague and friend Nate starts to suspect there's something going on between Ricky and Kyle. Ricky insists they're just good friends. But does Kyle feel differently?


As Kyle's feelings for Ricky grow, will she talk him into changing his mind about leaving Summer Bay?

Find out if love is blossoming between Ricky and Kyle in Home and Away (opens in new tab) from Monday, November 30 on Channel 5.