Irene Roberts' hostage hell continues in Home and Away

As her kidnapper's erratic behaviour gets worse, Irene fears for her life in Home and Away

Holed up in a small derelict house and tied to a chair in the middle of nowhere, Home and Away's Irene is terrified she'll never be free.

Exhausted and starving, her kidnapper, Mick, continues to taunt her by telling her he's only looking after her. But how will Irene react when Mick continues to insists he's her son?

Meanwhile a frantic Chris and Olivia continue their search and urge Kat to ramp up the hunt. But Olivia puts herself in severe danger when she takes matters into her own hands in a bid to track down Irene. Will they find her before it's too late?


Irene pleads with her kidnapper Mick to let her go. What has he got planned for her next?

Irene's disturbed when unstable Mick tells her he's only trying to help her.

He encourages her to eat something and insists he's her biological son but Irene refuses to believe him.

When Irene begs him just to let her go home, Mick becomes increasingly agitated.

As the net closes in, Mick decides they must go on the run. He drags Irene out through farmland, pulling her along on a rope.

Kat and the police track down Mick's car thanks to Olivia who's taken a huge risk and earlier managed to hide her mobile phone inside it.

The phone is no longer in the car but it's led them to Mick's house.

Kat tentatively prepares to make her way inside the shabby premises.

However as she steps inside, armed and ready, there's no sign of Irene.

Olivia's phone has been left lying inside. Kat radios her colleagues telling them to do an emegency sweep of the surrounding scrubland. Irene and her attacker can't be far away!

Olivia and Chris race to the house, but are devastated to discover there's no sign of Irene. Will anyone find her before she comes to serious harm? And is Mick really who he says he is? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, August 8.