Marilyn is back in Home and Away!

It's an emotional occasion when Marilyn Chambers returns to Home and Away after six months away from Summer Bay

When Marilyn hears that Alf has suffered a heart-attack she's on the first plane back to Summer Bay and Home and Away.

Desperate to see him she rushes straight to the hospital, suitcase in hand, where she's shocked to see her dear friend in such a poor condition.

Meanwhile John's delighted when his wife makes her long-awaited return, but it soon becomes clear the couple won't be able to pick up quite where they left off!


John greets Marilyn with a big squeezy hug. But will it be plain-sailing for the reunited couple?

Marilyn and John have so much to catch up on. John's delighted when Marilyn tells him she went to see Alf and there's been some improvement in his condition.

As the pair start chatting Marilyn asks for a coffee. John's surprised, his wife never used to drink coffee... But she does now

That's not the only change. Marilyn is unsettled to realise John's had a clear out and moved half the kitchen around. She can't find anything she needs!

However, there's a bigger surprise in store when Marilyn breaks the news that she's keen to plough ahead and foster a child and has put them back on the waiting list. John's shocked. These two are no longer on the same page...they're not even in the same book! How are they going to cope with being under the same roof again? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday August 8.