Raffy finds the DNA results and runs away in Home and Away

Raffy is floored to discover she's related to the Morgans as Home and Away returns to Channel 5.

While the Morgans urge Hope to come clean and tell Raffy that she's their little sister in Home and Away, Hope remains adamant that she doesn't want her to know yet and she'll break the news in her own time.

However, when she stumbles across the DNA results while looking for a towel at the Morgans' house, the secret is out!

The young girl is totally shell-shocked to discover she's not who she thought she was and immediately flees, leaving the distraught Morgans trying to track her down.

With the situation one almighty mess, will they find her and is Raffy going to be OK?


Raffy's world implodes when she stumbles across the DNA results

Earlier on Justin has a heart to heart with Raffy and tries to reassure her that everything is going to be alright.

Raffy feels uneasy, her sister Hope has told her to steer clear of the Morgans but Raffy doesn't really understand why.

As the ice between them starts thawing, Justin encourages Raffy to help him wash his dog, Buddy. However when Raffy goes to find a towel she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

She's dazed and confused to find the DNA results that show she's actually the Morgans' half sister. She confronts Tori and Justin… what's going on?

As the pair try to talk to her, Raffy makes a sudden bolt for it and flees the house.

The worried Morgans search high and low for her but to no avail.

With Raffy still missing, they start fearing for her safety.

Later on, and left alone, Justin quietly watches a video of a little girl called Ava playing.

Who is she? Does Justin have a secret daughter? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, January 9