How to watch Chelsea vs. Man City: See if Liverpool clinches the Premier League Championship

Man City vs. Chelsea

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Liverpool did its part. It stormed through the bulk of the 2019-2020 Premier League season and kept more than 20 points in front of second place. It easily managed Crystal Palace on Wednesday. Now all it needs is Chelsea to beat Manchester City on June 25, and the Reds are the Premier League champions.

We'll find out today at 3:15 p.m. Eastern. (Plus another 90 minutes or so.)

Liverpool didn't quite clinch things as quickly as it'd hoped, playing to a scoreless draw against Everton in the teams' first game back from the pandemic break. And when they dominated Crystal Palace for a 4-0 win on Wednesday, they did so (like everyone else) without a single fan in the stands. (Elsewhere Wednesday, Manchester United, Everton and Wolves each earned 3 points, while Newcastle and Aston Villa drew 1-1.)

Should Man City win on Thursday, Liverpool will need to emerge with just a single point from its next game — which happens to be against Man City — on July 2.

Nothing's certain, of course. Man City is No. 2 in the tables with 20 wins in 30 games. Chelsea is No. 4 with 15 wins.

That's why we play the games, of course.

Thursday's Liverpool-Chelsea game will be available in the United States on NBCSN and Universo.

Also Thursday, Burnley plays host to Watford at 1 p.m. on NBSCN, and Arsenal travels to Southampton at 1 p.m. That game is available on NBC Sports Gold in the NBC Sports app.

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