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Does HDHomeRun work with Amazon Fire TV?

Best answer: Yes, HDHomeRun does allow you to stream on your Amazon Fire TV, whether that's on your Amazon Fire TV Edition, Amazon Fire TV Box, or Amazon Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen.

Amazon Fire TV and HDHomeRun

HDHomeRun is available on quite a few Amazon devices, such as the second-gen Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can download the app for HDHomeRun on your Amazon device through the app store. Once you have it, you can stream live TV or DVR your shows in case you have to miss them.

With the app installed and your device set up, you are all ready to roll with your new streaming app. With HDHomeRun, you can stream live TV like you have cable, just without the nasty bill.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a device that connects to your over-the-air antenna to bring you live TV. It connects to the app, and then you can access it from any device in your house. Depending on what kind of box you have, you can stream HDHomeRun to two or four devices, allowing everyone in your home to enjoy different channels on their own devices.

You can cut ties with expensive cable companies without having to lose access to live TV. You can set it up quickly without having to plug it into a computer or TV, stream it to those devices.

Which devices can I stream on?

HDHomeRun can connect to your Amazon Fire TV Edition, Amazon Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen, and the Amazon Fire TV Box. With access to these devices, you can enjoy the best live TV right on your device without any problems. With these devices at your fingertips, you can get all of your favorite channels, whether it's local or network.

From the comfort of your couch, and without the expense every month of cable, your Amazon Fire TV device can bring you all the best shows.

What channels are available for my device?

HDHomeRun's live channels are all based on where you live. You can have access to local channels as well as network channels based on what over-the-air shows you can get. You can get network channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, and more as well as all of the local channels your HDHomeRun box has available.

Although you can get network channels, you might want to check out what channels local to you are available. To see what channels are available for you in your area, make sure you check out the links that SiliconDust has provided on their website.