How much does Hulu cost?

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Best answer: Hulu's cost varies based on which plan you choose. Hulu On Demand costs $6 a month for the Limited Commercials plan now, but new pricing for several Hulu plans goes into effect Feb 26th. It costs $12 a month for the No Commercials Plan. Hulu with Live TV costs $45 a month for the base plan now. There is also a variety of add-ons available for an additional cost.

Hulu: From $6/mo (Free trial, then $6/mo or $45/mo with Live TV)

Hulu your way

Hulu is a streaming video service that can provide very different services to different customers, depending on which plan they choose. You can use Hulu as an on-demand service, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime video, to watch shows and movies from a catalog of originals, exclusives, and shows from various TV networks.

You could also use Hulu as a live streaming video service, similar to Sling TV or DirecTV Now, to watch a bundle of TV channels live or record shows in a cloud DVR. You could even use Hulu to manage a la carte TV channels, like Prime Channels, to add on and remove premium channels like HBO or Starz all on one bill.

As Hulu offers more plans or add-ons, it becomes more complex. This can make it harder to understand how much you have to pay for Hulu. So how much does it cost now?

Hulu on-demand pricing

Hulu On-demand has two main plans, and the simple difference between them is commercial breaks. Hulu with Limited commercials regularly costs $6 a month , although you can sometimes find it on sale for less. This plan includes short commercial breaks and these commercials cannot be skipped or fast forwarded. The No Commercials plan costs $12 a month , and, as the name suggests, doesn't have the commercial breaks.

Hulu does say there are a limited number of shows that will have commercials before and after each episode, even on the No Commercials plan. Right now, there are only six shows on that list, but be aware that the list can change.

Hulu with Live TV pricing

If you're interested in a bundle of live streaming TV channels, Hulu has a plan for you as well. Hulu with Live TV regularly costs $45 a month , although occasionally you can find it at a discount for new subscribers. This price includes the Hulu with Limited Commercials plan. If you'd like both Live TV, and less ads in your On-demand content, Hulu No Commercials with Live TV is available for $51 a month .

It's important to understand that, in these plans, the terms Limited Commercials and No Commercials are only referring to the on-demand content and not the Live TV. On both plans, the Live TV channels have commercials on the live stream and DVR recordings.

You may want add-ons

Hulu subscribers can add a variety of add-ons to their plans for an extra cost. There are Premium Add-ons available to all Hulu subscribers — like Network Add-Ons, which provide additional channels like Showtime and Starz, and add-ons specifically for Live TV subscribers — like Enhanced Cloud DVR. For more details, check out our full explanation of Hulu premium Add-ons .

New pricing is live

On February 26, 2019, the prices changed for several of Hulu's on-demand and Live TV plans. This article has been updated to reflect the new pricing.

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